By Marissa Dinar

Man! I wound up listening to this album with the widest smile on my face. And this is saying something because it takes a while for me to like new songs/albums in general. The amount of talent Psytrus, or to go by his real name, Madaan, has is astounding. The one word that I’d probably use to describe his debut album, T-Shirt Kinda Guy, is: FRESH!

The thing about his LP is that there seem to be no sonical boundaries. With the first few tracks, you get the mellow, happy beats you’d love to dance to in the kitchen on Sunday mornings. Then on the flip side, you get pure guitar-driven rock music with fierceleads. Coming down to the last few cuts, you’ll find yourself swaying to the sexy, jazzy guitar pluckings in Last First Kiss and Magic, the likes of which perfect for an evening in with a glass of wine.

The caveat about that in the music industry is that, generally, albums with no clear direction in terms of genre tend to fare poorer as a listening experience, but in Psytrus’s case, his album manages to strike a rounded balance between all the genres he flirts with throughout. It’s not soooo patchwork-y that it becomes incohesive.

With that amount of versatility, it’s no wonder that the whole production is also paired amazingly well with his different vocal styles. Psytrus seems to be able to bring on the smooth, and also the edgy with his singing. Making vocal runs when he needs to, as well as laying on tension and the honey in his voice in the sexier tracks makes going from track to track an adventure.

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Take Track 8 for example. Happy Break Up to You opens with strong riffs that bring you back to classic 70’s and 80’s rock n’ roll. His vocal cords tensed to the max, you hear Psytrus bringing on the satire with “When I left you this morning you saw I was smiling cuz I can breathe again” “You think I’ve got no one to hold, but I’ve got my remote control” HAHAHA – great jab there, man.

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The songwriting process this album has gone through also seems to have paid off. Granted that my only bone to pick would be the amount of repetition certain lines have in certain songs, but generally – this album has a solid lyrical foundation.

For example, one of my favourite tracks has to be T-shirt Kinda Guy. Psytrus launches into edgy vocals as he sings “Didn’t get the chance to stereotype me”, “I’m not a walking coffee dispenser”, “Can’t live my 9-5, i know i’ve tried” – all of which convey sufficient imagery alongside creative and witty analogies – basically an ode to the struggles of fitting in with a system that requires an individual to go through school and living for an office job.

To put it all on record, I’d give this album a solid 8/10 for it’s smart mix and match of tracks without being overbearing on the ears. With all elements well balanced, you’ll find yourself enjoying his songs more than you’d have imagined! He is definitely one to watch, and there’s no telling how far he will progress in his solo career from here on.