Mass Communication is a vast field that can see you take on any number of professions, out in the frontline or in the war rooms behind the scenes – and whatever your chosen specialty, you’ll find yourself in a fast-moving, forward looking, and creative industry. From journalists to public relations professionals, mass communication offers everyone something you can pour your heart into.

Ever wondered what Mass Communication profession you might be suited for? With so many to choose from, a little hint goes a long way. We’ve built this handy quiz to help you find out;

The team has come together, just like the Avengers. What's your goal in the project?

Up for the challenge of your survey result? Look no further than Taylor’s University – at the state-of-the-art Lakeside Campus, Taylor’s University houses industry-standard facilities such as the Audio Recording Studio, Audio Editing Laboratory, Video Editing Laboratory and TV Broadcast Studio! With a strong track record of working with various industry partners across many communication fields, our students work on real projects with real clients and get paid for their work.

How awesome is that!

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