The Boat Noodle Challenge begins this weekend, and stomachs everywhere are preparing themselves to go to war, not just for bragging rights as the champion of boat noodle aficionados in Malaysia, but also with cash prizes of up to RM5000!

With the preliminaries beginning this 14th October at the Boat Noodle Jaya One outlet, up to 40 contestants per session will compete head to head for 40 minutes to see who can finish the most bowls of noodles in 40 minutes. Boat Noodle staff will be keeping track of the best performing participants in every section, with 10 slots available for the finals.

Only the Top 10 from the preliminaries will make it through, so the ranks will move up and down accordingly as the preliminaries move through the states! So steel those stomachs up, because the finalists will move to the grandest stage of them all – a showdown at Boat Noodle Publika.

Interested? Check out the details below!

Preliminary Rounds
Jaya One – 14th Oct
Gamuda Walk – 15th Oct
Klang Parade – 21st Oct
M3 Mall – 22nd Oct
Publika – 29th Oct

*all competitions will be held at the corresponding Boat Noodle outlets.

Champion – Rm5,000
1st Runner Up – Rm2,500
2nd Runner Up – Rm 1,000

Consolation prize x 7 – Rm500

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Make sure to book your slot by registering at the link below, and don’t forget to read the terms and conditions.
Already signed up? Check out our Boat Noodle Challenge playlists here!

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