By Scott Ng, Matt Liew, Shazwan Zulkiffli, and Jeremy Say

10 years and 18 films after the first Iron Man movie launched in 2008, Avengers: Infinity War has finally arrived. The culmination of a decade’s worth of stories has come to this very moment, the movie where the stakes are finally high and everything is up in the air especially thanks to the extraordinary secrecy around the bonafide blockbuster.

This being the single most anticipated movie of all time, we only felt it was right for all the Marvel nerds in the office to have a say in it, so all four of us will be sharing our thoughts on the different aspects of the movie. Avengers: Infinity War sees the Mad Titan, Thanos, finally take his place as the main villain of the MCU – coming to take the Infinity Stones that have appeared throughout 18 movies to assemble the almighty Infinity Gauntlet and fulfill his ages-long goal of wiping out exactly half of the life in the universe. With the Avengers split down the middle in the recent events of Civil War, Thor, adrift in space missing an eye and his trusty hammer, Mjolnir, alongside the Hulk, The Guardians of the Galaxy attempting to patch the most recent rift in their friendship while caring for a growing Young Groot, and Wakanda newly embracing change, the time has never been better for Thanos to take the stage along with his Black Order.


Scott: I’m frankly amazed how much is going on even at a 2 hour 40 minute runtime. It’s a miracle that so many plot threads have been pulled together by the Russos successfully in this movie, and it’s a tight plot with a pace that never lets up till the very end. I very much like that everyone gets their little moment to shine in this, and the ending left me speechless, given the movie subverted every little theory I had.


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Matt: All credit goes to the Russo Brothers for not only managing to fit (nearly) every single actor/actress of the MCU into a single movie, but also giving each of them the right amount of screen time. Perfect timing & seamless transitions between scenes set throughout the universe made for a captivating & immersive story. All in all, every single guess about what would’ve happened in the Avengers: Infinity War proved wrong, and the plot of the movie can only be summarized into a single phrase: “Expect the unexpected”.

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Shazwan: Every other Marvel fan has been speculating on the plot ever since Infinity War but frankly, Feige and co. broke all of our expectations with an expansive plot featuring all the characters plus their own respective movie styles. The Russos were smart enough to lead us to a predictable outcome, before throwing it out of the window right after to then introduce the turning point of the decade.


Jeremy: The plot doesn’t pull any punches from the moment you sit down in the theater. You will feel all sorts of emotions on this rollercoaster of a film that the Russo Brothers executed to near perfection. Every plot twist and every death feels all too real and you actually care for all the characters you have grown up with in the comics and the MCU for the last decade.


Ari: As a fan of the films with minimal knowledge on the extended stories revolving the Infinity Gauntlet and the Thanos story as told in the comics, the films does well to capture the motive and backstory with the limited screen time considering the plethora of characters within the film. The narrative did not feel rushed and the pacing and urgency throughout the film was well curated to keep the audience engaged from start to finish. I do have to say I felt that Thanos’s backstory could’ve been given more fleshing out.


Faris: Even all the characters are kind of divided into several groups, it’s not confusing and the audience still can keep up with the story because in the end, it’s all leading back to fighting Thanos.


Scott: The cast of Infinity War is humongous. What really impressed me is that every care was given to make sure the characters stayed true to who they were, and reminds us that we love each superhero for their character above all. I’ve got to say that there was one Tom Holland scene that he really kind of drops the ball on (you know the one I’m talking about) given that I know he’s got better than that in him from watching Spider-Man: Homecoming, but overall whoever you’re a fan of in the MCU, rest assured they get their moment.


Matt: Despite most fans worrying about how Marvel would manage to fit so many characters into a single movie, they managed to do so – and did one hell of a job. Each character has just the right amount of screen time to serve the plot while not leaving audiences feeling cheated, while still somehow managing to retain the authenticity of most of these heroes meeting each other for the first time. Most surprising of all is how they managed to fit the character development of Thanos into all of this, who is arguably in a Top 3 MCU Villain of all-time – if not the best.

Shazwan: The fact that the Russo brothers managed to fit almost everyone in the movie and give them the RIGHT amount of screentime is just unbelievable, but it worked, didn’t it? Unlike you-know-who.


Jeremy: A massive cast of key characters that actually got just the right amount of screen time is a feat that no one has accomplished on this scale. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you failed miserably with less and can learn a few things from this movie. Overall the cast was amazing, with the interactions being just awkward enough and believable when they meet. Also Benedict Cumberbatch, you glorious bastard, you made everything work!


Faris: Seeing a character from one of the Phase One movies really shocked the audience and honestly, I myself did not see that coming at all. The appearance of the character left me with tons of questions. However, I do think that character will appear in the upcoming MCU movies in the future.


Ari: Considering the amount of characters involved, they balanced out the character screen time quite effectively and gave enough interaction between characters to create an invested audience. The relationships of each character relative to one another is reinforced in the film so that those who may have skipped a few of the previous titles can still have a grasp of what’s at stake.

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Scott: I was a little worried Marvel would fall back to bad habits with Thanos, but Josh Brolin gets tons of points for creating an almost sympathetic tragic character whose motivation is rooted in an abstract but present danger of our own society. Overall I felt that the movie was superbly paced given the amount of story it needed to tell, and the breathlessness of it all left my hall near dead silent in appreciative contemplation as the end credits scrolled. The scale of the movie is staggering and fantastical, and the word ‘comic book’ kept popping into my head as events unfolded – Infinity War truly captures what it means to read a comic from end to end, and to wait anxiously for the next chapter to unfold.


Matt: Avengers: Infinity War is the “Empire Strikes Back” of our generation. While the Star Wars franchise attempted to recreate that moment with 2017’s “The Last Jedi“, TLJ ended up dividing audiences in the process of going where no other movie dared to go. Marvel, on the other hand, managed to bring together an ensemble cast built over 10 years of meticulous planning and storytelling to create a once-in-a-generation cinematic spectacle that will likely go unequalled for many years to come.

Shazwan: I think what still amazes me the most is how the creators brought out *some* of those reality-altering magic Thanos’ able to pull. Those scenes sent me back to my kiddy days.   


Jeremy: A 2 hour and 40 minutes of comic book orgasm is so immersive that I actually forgot to check my watch for pacing until 2 hours in.  Pairing the wonderful twisty plot with the wonderful dialogue, the ambient noises and visual effects are just a treat to watch on an IMAX screen. If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War on IMAX yet, go book your tickets now!


Ari: The score is excellent, the theme for Thanos is amazing and the leitmotif sets the mood of the entire film with a sense of impending doom. The invincibility of Thanos however seems to waiver from untouchable god to unwary villain and gives much imbalance to his power level throughout the film.


Faris: The comedy and seriousness in the movie is well-balanced. This is what I like with MCU, the movie can be serious, and then the mood shifted due to some great punchlines and then shifted again to serious without making it weird.


Scott: Marvel have done it again, despite all the odds. That’s just one fan’s opinion though – there is plenty to love about this film, from the characters, the ambitious scope, Thanos being quite the intriguing, almost Shakespearean antagonist, to the daring cliffhanger ending that puts the MCU in a place we’ve never seen it in, giving you the sense that everything is up in the air. The fact that it ends on a cliffhanger obviously means that this movie is incomplete till Avengers 4 and not everyone will be ok with that – but what a place to start the next movie from.  9/10


Matt: Avengers: Infinity War is hands down the best superhero movie ever made. Solid plot, stunning music, breathtaking visuals, and brilliant performances from an ensemble cast come together to create a once-in-a-generation cinematic spectacle. 9.8/10


Shazwan: I honestly can’t remember the last movie that made me mute certain words on Twitter to avoid spoilers but it’s all worth it. The flow of the film, the brilliant scoring from Alan Silvestri, the tribute to the comics and the major cliffhanger – all were executed with a stroke of masterclass that made The Avengers: Infinity War my personal favorite Marvel movie so far. 9.5/10


Jeremy: You thought Black Panther’s Killmonger was good, he got got nothing on Thanos, arguably the best villain of the MCU. As for the amount of questions of what comes next, ideas are swimming in my head like an angry beehive none stop, the possibilities are truly infinite. If Avengers 4 takes on even a fraction of the crazy shit that happens in the comics, I’ll be a happy MCU fanboy. Good luck DCEU 🙂 9.∞/10


Faris: The Avengers: Infinity War is worthy of everything. It’s worth the 10 years wait, worth the hype and worth the money. This movie just scratched Captain America: The Winter Soldier off my personal number 1 Marvel movie.  9.6/10


Ari: The writers did well to avoid a predictable superhero film. The outcome leaves much to be pondered and even makes comic book fans wandering onto what possibly could come next despite the story already being told in many other formats. It delivers a good narrative flashbang at the end of the film.

As a MCU film I rate this one a high 9.3/10

As a film in general I would give this a good 8.5/10

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