By Jeremy Say

Thanks to the good people over at Cartoon Network, I was able to get my hands on Ben 10: Up to Speed, a mobile game available on the App Store and Google Play. As a fan of the original Ben 10 universe, I was not fully enamored by the current reboot, but was willing to give the game a chance.

To summarize the game easily, it’s a familiar leveled runner styled game. While I get easily bored with runner styled games, Ben 10: Up to Speed does things with enough of a twist to keep me engaged. For starters, the game has many levels with a definite finish line with a somewhat satisfying rewards system. Not to mention that during your run, you get to transform into aliens to take down the obstacles or access coins in hard to reach places. The only issue is choosing the right one at the right time, as you have a limited amount of time in alien form like in the TV series and you need a specific alien to handle a specific situation. This is not made any easier when some of the levels won’t give you enough time to react on the first try. Then again you want harder and harder levels so you don’t get bored, so I can see the appeal. Now if only I would stop running into rocks and getting a concussion…

Other than a few glitches, such as some graphics lag and response delays when changing lanes, I still enjoyed the game. Even if you’re not a Ben 10 fan, you could enjoy the game because unlike endless runners, this game is easy and fun to pick up and set down during your break times. It even gives you a nice comic panel introduction to the storyline of how Ben got the Omnitrix.

Some other criticism that I would like to point out, is the obvious milking of money. Not a huge fan of having to buy a game and have in-app coin purchases for real life money. This is especially concerning when taking into account that the game is marketed for ages 6-12 on the Google Play store.

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So whether this game becomes a freemium game or continues this practice is yet to be seen, perhaps they are in a transition. All I can hope is that they update more maps, levels, and aliens for us gamers and decide to opt for a less greedy monetization system for this mobile game.

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