By Aubrey Yong

Released on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2017, the red blood pouring from my fallen enemy seems to laugh gently at the idea of romance. Testing out the beta of the latest Ubisoft IP, For Honor, it’s been a traumatic yet destructively fun experience rampaging out the stress that you think you don’t have, especially in front of your special one after that cheap dinner that was bungkus-ed back from a random shop has long been tucked away in full bellies. Ubisoft is known to gamers for their amazing-mind-blowing trailers – and only to stab is in the back with broken hopes and dreams (Watchdogs, I’m looking at you), and true to form, this game is either love-hate affair. If you’re truly into hacking, slashing and blocking all while screaming profanity due to losses and all, this is the game for you.

Sorry, single-player lovers but this game does require you to be online all the time, and it’s really heavily based on 1 on 1 competitive combat battle action – which is really the strongest feature of this game. Sure, there is a campaign in this game with various bosses to battle but it’s destroying your online opponent to determine which clan is the greatest amongst all that truly makes the game shine. For Honor features 3 war houses of different ancient warriors based on historical events across the continents that engage in fights to the death to win the territory and glorify its name and colour. The clans currently available are the Celtic Vikings, Bushi Samurai and Cavalier Knight. To be the best, pick a faction (or create new ones in your side games) and begin your struggle.

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The mechanics of the game are rather simple yet complicated, as it’s based on defending and assaulting. Simple, right? Here’s the tricky part – defence can be broken down to go into full assault charges toward your opponent. As most gamers’ first reaction towards this game would be full frontal charges, you quickly learn that speedrunning wont be an option for a while as charging lowers one’s defends and the chances of having your opponent assaulting you is 3 times higher than usual. I found out the hard way so I strongly suggest to not skipping the tutorial of the game to fully understand the structure and have a head start on strategizing your next battle.

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Environments of the game are placed in torn down ruins and smashed fortresses from the various ethnic backgrounds with absolutely beautiful weather details that create the ambience of treachery and full-on survival, and the same sense of aesthetic dedication extends to the intricate design of the armour your warrior wears, sparks clashing in sword to sword action – holy mother of 4k resolution detailsss. Note that your surroundings can be used as weapons to destroy your enemy and ledges can be used to shove them off into the pit of death. (I mean, battle bridges? Dudee..)

The minimal requirement to run this magnificent game are:

Resolution – 720p @ ~30FPS,

Video-Defaullt– low.,

VSync – off,

OS – Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-Bit-Versions),

CPU – Intel Core i3-550. | AMD Phenom II X4 955 or equivalent.

GPU – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560Ti (1GB VRAM) | AMD Radeon HD 6870 (1GB VRAM) or equivalent.

RAM – 4GB.

Verdict of For Honor: worth every damn sen if you’re into smashing, trashing and blocking. 4.1/5