Disclaimer: Ozz Vampo gave the review unit to us free of charge. However, thoughts and opinions about the product remain unbiased. Many thanks for the generosity and giving us the opportunity


It’s pretty obvious that no one has the disposable cash to buy full athletic wear from the likes of Nike Dri-Fit and Adidas Climacool, because a single pair of trackpants alone can cost around RM 300 – RM 400. However, there are a few alternatives in case you don’t want to shell out a chunk for something that you won’t probably ever use other than to sleep in. Ozz Vampo (OV) happens to be one of them, and my God, do they surprise.

First impressions to the jersey was surprising, to say the least, because when I was playing around with the jersey, the material felt almost like cotton. With the Maps jersey, OV developed their own microfibre fabric (Beat-Heat™) to mimic the feel of cotton, without the drawbacks of the material, meaning the jersey doesn’t wrinkle or crease no matter how crumpled it is when stuffed inside a bag.

Sweat doesn’t stick on it either; after a few laps around the neighbourhood, the after-effects of perspiration were practically non-existent on the jersey, translating to clothing that’s versatile enough to wear casually even after a hard day out on the court or field.

The design too, is spectacularly well done. The maps jersey comprises of highlights from each state, e.g the floating mosque in Terengganu, and the old galleon by the Melaka Riverside. Palette for the jersey is well thought of; black with white outlines highlighting the map produce an understated design that doesn’t scream jersey at all.

The price point however, is where it gets interesting. Ozz Vampo is selling the maps jersey for only RM 55, and for quality as good as the big players, you definitely don’t want to give this a pass.

For more info on Ozz Vampo, click the link here.

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