By Muhammad Nabil

I’ll be honest. I’ve listened to this album to the very last song at least 15 times and I still could not muster up words to describe just how remarkable everything about it is. The debut album by Azrul and Omar fills what the indie scene has been lacking all this while: pure, unadulterated indie rock that’s simple and easy to get into.

What’s refreshing is that there really aren’t many bands around that sound as crisp as Jaggfuzzbeats do.  Azrul’s vocals whisks you along the album’s love stories, detailing the journey from the chase all the way to the heartbreak.

Symmetry sets the tone for how the flow of the album, already speaking about conflict and miscommunication between two recently separated souls. The weariness in Azrul’s voice only adds to the melancholy of the song, disguised by the upbeat rhythm of the guitars and drum play. The song drags you in, reels you with its riffs and suddenly you imagine you’re arguing with your girlfriend with it playing in the background. It just fits so damn well.

Lazada Malaysia

The album showcases both Azrul’s and Omar’s ability to switch between several genres fluidly, jumping from indie and landing on folk rock, illustrated in the likes of ‘Damncouldurban.’ The melody builds up and lets loose a dam flooded with frustrations and disappointments as Azrul presses on with “so, who am I to you?”. JaggFuzzBeats makes sure that you feel what they’re feeling, and feel a great deal, I did.

They didn’t cut slack on production too: technique and sound wise, this is one of the best sounding albums in the market right now. The guitars are crisp; the drums beat with rounded consistency, keeping you tapping on the pen every time the cymbal crashes. It’s a simple formula that has worked from time immemorial: a straightforward sound with a tremendous hook that baits you in mercilessly.

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In the words of Donald Glover (Childish Gambino): “Genre is dead. People just want excellence. There really is no genre anymore, so you just have to make something new.” Jaggfuzzbeats exemplifies that by fusing several subgenres derived from many, many inspirations, culminating into a hell of a debut album. We can only expect great things in the dynamic duo’s progress towards their next musical chapter.