By Faris Foat

Rampage has landed in cinema yesterday. Heavily based on the 1986 arcade game under the same name, Rampage adopts a simple plot and something you’ve probably heard before: science experiment gone wrong, an MNC wanting to make money out of it, and a hero to save the day. It’s pretty similar to Jurassic World, but the relationship between Dwayne Johnson and George, kind of reminds me of James Franco and Caesar in Rise of The Planet of The Apes.

The movie started off pretty well, with the introduction of the main casts which are Dwayne Johnson as Davis Okoye, an ex-Special Force now a primatologist, and George, an albino gorilla who is also a friend to Davis. Moving on towards the middle of the movie where problems with the animals began to get bigger, there are few noticeable plot holes. Like the few characters that as initially introduced to join Davis in his adventures, but nope, they’re nowhere to be seen after George got a lot bigger. As for the villains, they are so cringy, and forgettable, to the point that they may not deserve the title villain at all – just a couple of money-making opportunists.

However, once the monster mash mode is on, all the bad characters and plot holes were casted into oblivion. This is the only part that was actually fun in the movie. Cool slow-mo shots, a monster throws another monster into the air, this part has everything you’ve dreamed about as a 90s kid: animal face-offs featuring a giant gorilla and a Godzilla-like crocodile minus the powers and the ability to walk on two-legs.

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Overall, Rampage is not the-I’ve-waited-to-see-it-since-last-week-type-of-movie but it’s more to a-I’m-bored-so-let’s-see-a-movie-to-kill-time-type-of-movie. It’s actually a good movie if you watch it with an empty head and not trying to look anything deep within the movie. If you’re sucker for 30 feet animal fights and Chitauri-level city destruction, you may just like it.


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