By Angel Tong

The new Sloggi ZERO Feel is the most supportive breast friend you can ask for. This bra is sure to fully support you on those days where you just want to stay comfortably depressed in your sweatpants and a tub of ice cream. The ZERO Feel is a game changer as it offers superb softness for complete freedom of movement. Imagine all the awkwardly-depressing poses you’d be doing while this wonder-bra stretches in all directions and fits itself to the shape of your body. Sounds too good to be true? Well, you’re in luck because we got ourselves a set of the ultra-fit bra and ultra-fit briefs and we’re going to tell you exactly how promising it is.

The Perfect Fit

The ZERO Feel is made out of a 40-gauge jersey fabric knitted in Fukui Prefecture. It’s softer than most cotton underwear, machine washable and the best part is IT WON’T CURL! You won’t have to bother with hand washing these babies because the machine won’t destroy the elasticity of the material or make it curl into some weird roll that would make the seamless underwear seemingly redundant. The new Spring Summer 2018 ZERO Feel collection also comes in sizes ranging from S- XL with Cup sizes from A to E. The seamlessness of both the bra and the briefs are meant to keep you comfortable while still keeping your body free from marks. Though the material is stretchy, it also gives women and empowered feeling as you won’t feel the tightness of lingerie that will suppress you

My experience: When wearing the round-neck bra top, it felt wonderful. My double D’s were thankful for the gift of comfort. For the men reading this, regular bras for big boobs are basically jails for your boobs since theres so much support wire involved, some even resemble medieval chain armour. The fulfilled promises of the perfect body-hugging fit really surprised me. When stretching, of course the bra slides up a little showing some sexy underboob, but once I stop stretching and go back to my normal stance, the bra slips right back into the same position without the need to readjust the position of my humps. Having cup sizes from A to E really helps ladies to choose the perfect fit. The material is super stretchy (like Elastigirl from The Incredibles), but unlike other lingerie brands which offer 1 size for each cup size, the proportions are for once; truly precise.  

Colours and Designs

Lazada Malaysia

This magic chest holder also comes in a wide range of colours in the collection which really makes it easy for women to pair their clothing with the bras. Aside from the basic classic colours like grise, peanut butter and black; Sloggi also offers laguna, lilac, lovely orange, pink grapefruit jam and deep-sea blue. Sloggi understands that nowadays, women need more colour choices than just the basic 4 colours in order to respond to all the new fashion trends and coloured apparel. There are also 2 variations of the bra which are functional to different types of apparel namely; the round neck bra tops and the v neck bralettes.

My experience: Trying on the laguna coloured lingerie set, I feel that the colours are vibrant and even after a few washes (IN THE WASHING MACHINE), the colour are resilient and do not fade easily. The v neck bralette is also low cut to ensure that it is not visible when wearing simple designs. The round neck bra top is made for perfect comfort in t shirts. However, be wary that wearing the brighter colours such as laguna when wearing thin t shirts will give you mixed feelings. On one hand, yay! I can wear anything without exposing my bra because it’s seamless. But on the other hand, it’s bright blue and if you wear thinner apparel or white t shirts, you can basically see the colour of the bra, basically cancelling out the benefits of the seamless ZERO Feel bra. Of course, this only means that we have to be practical as well when choosing our lingerie colours.

Lazada Indonesia

I personally enjoyed trying out and reviewing this bra. It’s incomparably comfortable and I can definitely vouch for that. I even did the drop test on the lingerie set AND IT SURVIVED. Just kidding.

P.S. The briefs they gave me were also awesome, feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!