By Shazwan Zulkiffli

Being punk isn’t just blatant rebellion for not being able to adhere to rules or tradition, but more of a progressive spirit with a purpose – like not giving a flying f*ck for legitimate reasons. In the simplest of ways, I felt that while listening to Social Circuit’s Borrowed Time.

Social Circuit was a project that legendary hardcore vocalist Dean Sani halted to pursue other ideals on his plate. His main project, Kids On The Move, spread its wing to South East Asia and its known for their roundhouse kicks and breakdowns. After watching the band at Rock The World and several hardcore gigs, it’s safe to say that KOTM succeeded in doing what they intended to do, which I guess prompted Dean to return to Social Circuit and restart the ignition.

Borrowed Time starts off strong with ‘The Room Is Never Cold Enough’, which showcased Dean’s vocal versatility in being able to shift from screaming/yelling to clean vocals. The opening riff for ‘Perfection’ can remind one of The Cure before the band brushes off that comparison with Dean’s high-pitched punk vocals while ‘In Line’, which is personally the best song in the album, shows a much personal side of the lyricist, who is known to garrison, the crowd for a good, and meaty throwdown.

What’s special about Borrowed Time is how it reminds you of the good ol’ emo days, without wanting you to return to it. Despite being compared to The Get Up Kids and Sunny Day Real Estate, Borrowed Time offers an attraction of its own: like a time capsule made in present day, but most importantly, emo punk dressed to kill for 2018.

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