Covering 40,000 square feet in Mid Valley Megamall, The Rift is the first and largest Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) adventure park in Southeast Asia. With the tagline, “Enter The Rift, Exit Reality”, the park features more than a dozen world-class attractions and smugly boasts a total of 25 virtual worlds along with augmented reality and physical activity attractions. Sounds fun and awesome!

Among The Rift’s attractions are:

Zero Latency

World’s best free-roaming, fully immersive VR shooter, whereby players can play in three different scenarios, from surviving a zombie apocalypse to an interstellar rescue mission. #Naisu


Terminator-themed taser tag game. Now, one can finally have the chance to gloriously shout “You’re terminated!”

VR Adventure

Players need to brave through the Minotaur’s maze. The question is, will there be a Minotaur hunting us in the maze, to keep us on our toes?

Motion Blaster

Players “leap into a virtual world to fight off gruesome predators”. Will this be like Jurassic Park-esque but instead, we humans are doing the chasing and killing?


A 3D game which demands one’s best physical efforts. Cue Olivia Newton-John’s Physical song.

Hado PVP

Teams of players are required to face off against each other in augmented worlds. Sounds like the COD multiplayer game we’ve been waiting for…

Hado Monster Battle

Players need to defeat ferocious monsters in this one. Monster Hunter, anyone?

The Leap

Brave visitors can try out the thrilling experience of indoor bungee jumping. WHEEEE!

Hurricane VR

Takes players on a 360 degree flying journey through a virtual universe. Is this the one for those who wanna experience the fictional feeling of being in a hurricane…


Rock climbing and augmented reality got married to create an unique experience with special routes and effects.



Visitors can challenge themselves to beat the clock or against other counterparts in a hi-tech car racing simulator complete with super-realistic FX and SFX. Wait a minute, will this be Forza-ish or Need for Speed-ish?

The Rift also has a section called The Rift Junior for the kiddies; you can find two family-friendly attractions, namely Playland and Party Bunker in this zone.


The Rift is open from 10am ‘till 10pm everyday with an opening promotional pricing of RM98 for The Rift package, which includes 10 attractions and Zero Latency. Visitors can also choose the Exit Reality package at RM55 which is inclusive of 10 attractions, while the Zero Latency experience is priced at RM52 as a standalone attraction.

To learn more, visit

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