by A.Akbar

Folks in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, and Klang Valley welcomes the return of RIUH, a vibrant mixture of music, arts and other Malaysian goodness. RIUH already brought the wonders of Sarawakian music with Meruked, filled the air with Bhangra beats with the Malaysian Bhangra Group but most of all, brought Malaysians closer to the arts, introducing them to what they’ve been missing out on. 

This time around, RIUH introduces another colorful concept in Carnival Weekend, an event aimed to provide you laughter, beats, and so much fun. 

Starting with the Ber-RIUH comedy show featuring comedians Prakash Daniel, Queen of Comedy Joanne Kam, and Raja Lawak’s JD. Veterans in the comedic field, the three highly-rated comedians will make sure APW Bangsar burst into laughter.

Next in line will be Ryotjones, an ensemble of Klang Valley’s most energetic creatives, each equipped with an instrument of choice. Classifies themselves as festival funk, the James Brown-Bruno Mars influenced outfit will cause all kinds of chaos in forms of itchy dancing feet and automatically-moving hips with their hits and covers.

Lazada Malaysia

Celebrating diversity, RIUH will also be bringing the ASK Dance Company to showcase the finest and rawest form of Dikir Barat to the urban people of Kuala Lumpur, straight from its roots while the enigmatic Disco Santan will be open and close the riuh-ness of the weekend.

Check out the full list of performance and stores below: