By Anna Kong,

A typical situation I keep hearing from friends studying in Shah Alam – they crave for some Western food, see the hole in their wallet because it’s the 3rd week of the month, and eat their usual roti canai at mamak before crying themselves to sleep. I hope they’ll thank me for this because worry no more – Shah Alam residents can now head down to ELITA. Situated in the same business centre that houses Les’ Copaque Studio – producers of the famous Upin & Ipin animated series; ELITA serves very decent quality, straight up Western American dishes at highly affordable prices!



If you’re here for the first time, I highly recommend trying the Combo Plate (RM20) to get an idea of how Elita handles their deep fry. The combo consists of Calamari rings, garlic bread, hash browns and breaded chicken tenders along with brown sauce for dipping. I really like the fact that the Calamari rings tasted sweet and juicy, – they are made fresh in-store instead of the typical frozen-for-years ones that always have a bland, stale taste and cause break outs on my face ten minutes after eating them. You can also just opt for the Calamari burger (RM9) if you really like the rings.


The fish and chips (RM10) are exactly how they should be, crispy on the outside and tender inside. At only RM10, the portion of the fish itself is pretty big, and it comes with a generous serving of fries.

Fried Chicken Fillet (RM13) here uses the breast and is served with hash browns or butter rice, and coleslaw. You have two options for sauce; velouté or brown. If you prefer tender meat, you can order Chicken Chop (RM13) and get thigh instead (my favourite part).


Char Kuey Teow (RM6) here packs a generous amount of bean sprouts, which breaks the “Melayu tak makan sayur” stereotype (please laugh). This dish also deceived some of us, because it doesn’t appear to be spicy at all, until you take a couple of bites and feel the burn! Overall it reminds me a lot of the Chinese char kuey teow I often had in Penang, which is a plus because who doesn’t like Penang food?


The Carbonara Spaghetti (RM8) is really creamy, but doesn’t get all gooey and cloying when it gets cold. Kudos to Elita’s cook who refrains himself from succumbing to the trick a lot of other low-priced restaurants use – pouring on the starch to thicken the sauce, ruining an otherwise serviceable dish. I grew up in a kampung that has several stalls selling cheap ‘Western food’, I know what those look AND taste like!

Overall, well worth the visit and definitely decent Western for the busted budget. Bet my colleagues will be heading there now.


Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday 4PM to 12AM

Closed on Saturdays