By Jeremy Say & Shazwan Zulkifli

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2017 had an explosion of great trailers hitting the Internet over the weekend. So we obviously had to go through hours of trailers to bring you our top 10 – which was harder than it seems with all the quality! Plus one leaked Avengers: Infinity War trailer of course.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Shazwan: I will never forget that jaw-dropping church scene from the first movie. I mean, who would’ve thought putting Lynyrd Skynyrd’s 9 minute long rock anthem ‘Free Bird’ with a blasphemous fight scene would fit perfectly in an espionage film. I was already impressed when the first trailer came out but the second one sealed it for me. Kingsman 2 is the one to look for.

Jeremy: Manners maketh man and excuse my French. With more footage of Statesman and actions scenes reminiscent of the church bit from the first, this is going to be a fcuking awesome stylish sequel.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Shazwan: I don’t care what people say about the first Pacific Rim, because personally it was one of the most thrilling giant robot films this era (what Power Rangers reboot?). The teaser for the second installment looks neat, with much more contemporary Jaeger designs and sleek melee weapon systems. I’m also glad the studio let John ‘Bojaeger’ keep his British accent as he sounds more natural with it.

Jeremy: This is a movie about giant robots and monsters fighting, what more could you want. Well with ‘Glados’ trying to recruit new Jaeger pilots with the help of John Boyega (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), this campy trailers hits all the right notes like Starship Troopers did.

The Gifted

Shazwan: I’m a bit sceptical about this. Fox’s The Gifted looks a lot like another Heroes reboot (oh you know, that superhuman series that everyone forgot about) featuring real mutants with struggles that are a bit more relatable than the latter. Sadly, only fringe X-Men characters can be seen in the trailers so far but hey, gotta give the kids a chance eh?

Jeremy: Comic to TV show adaptations has always been hit and miss and like Shazwan said, this does have that Heroes vibe again. So if you like the whole struggling rebellious groups trying to survive thing, this is something worth giving a shot.

Ready Player One

Shazwan: I’m not too familiar with Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, but according to a lot of recommendations, the book is a solid gamer’s fantasy. Fused with 80s influences that were not as vivid as promised in the trailer, Steven Spielberg might just scored aces with Ready Player One. There were glimpses of brilliance but to be frank, it’s too early to tell.

Jeremy: As an avid fan of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, it brings me great pleasure to see this sci/fantasy adaptation being directed by Steven Spielberg that isn’t from a comic book. With all the old gaming and pop culture references, this looks to be fantastic movie if it’s faithful to the source material. I also just miss cyberpunk styled stories.

Thor: Ragnarok


Shazwan: If we put aside the controversial Infinity War leak, for me Thor: Ragnarok wasn’t just the best thing to come out of Marvel’s camp, but the whole SDCC. Cate Blanchett’s Asgard-eater Hela has been awe-inspiring so far, and Hulk’s appearances were nothing short of epic. Finally, the proper Thor movie we all deserve.

Jeremy: By far my favorite trailer from SDCC 2017, this was one of those movies I was not very hyped for at first. Yet with all the new actions scenes mixed with a good dose of buddy cop humour, I actually look forward to watching this movie that was originally a tier 2 franchise in the MCU.  

Justice League

Shazwan: Even after the SDCC trailer, I’m still not feeling it just yet. Apart from Batfleck and Wonder Woman, everything else looks a tad bit unconvincing. DC takes pride in its corniness but Flash’s comic relief shows a bit of an insecurity in their concept, not to mention it makes it very very similar to the Avengers.

Jeremy: I still don’t feel excited about the JLA after watching this trailer. It feels like a CGI mess of a story trying to imitate the older styles of the Avengers. Mixed with the extensive expensive reshoots, I really feel that this movie is a coin flip. At least we get to see Batfleck at least one more time.

Stranger Things Season 2

Shazwan: The SDCC shows a lot of promise of how Stranger Things can flourish in season 2. Netflix left a lot of questions at the end of season one, and some of those questions, may potentially be answered by the trailer – depends on who’s asking. The Ghostbusters touch is sublime though, and to wait this long to revisit Will and his friends is torment.

Jeremy: Stranger Things was this massive hit and with what we can see in the second trailer, we are going to get much lore about the Upside Down. Mixed with a creepier and even more intense feel, this looks like a great binge for Halloween.

The Defenders

Stan Lee

Official Trailer 2

Shazwan: I think by this time, the idea of a superhero team up isn’t really the freshest of ideas. Despite the major two team ups (The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy) from MCU alone, The Defenders surprisingly stands out in its own unique way. To see Luke Cage reunited with Jessica Jones is exhilarating since the pair went separate ways in their respective series and Sigourney Weaver? August please come faster!

Jeremy: The Stan Lee narrated trailer was a great way to sum up the tone of the Marvel Netflix series. Accompanying the full Defenders trailer, I can’t help but feel excited about these reluctant heroes working together against Sigourney Weaver. I just hope they dump whiny Iron Fist on the curb.


Shazwan: I was utterly disappointed to see Will Smith’s reputation being insulted by the disaster that was Suicide Squad. But Bright, even with the bloodied hands of David Ayer, does look interesting. Being the most expensive Netflix production yet sure puts on pressure, so I’m hopeful that both David Ayer and Will Smith won’t be repeating the same shameful experience they did with DC.

Jeremy: Will Smith is constantly working towards the goal of replicating that wonderful feeling of seeing Star Wars for the first time that he experienced as a kid to his fans. Hopefully, working with David Ayer once again could push him one step closer with this fantasy/buddy cop smash up. The trailer portrays a fun creative piece that doesn’t have that generic feeling of a studio’s upper management direction.

Avengers: Infinity War

Shazwan: I’m saving myself for the non leaked version.

Jeremy: Watching the leaked version of the trailer from a shitty camera phone at a bad angle, I still can’t help but anticipate how epic this trailer will be in UHD. You truly get a sense of scale and destruction as Thanos wrecks an entire planet. Paired with character interactions from many different movies, you get the sense that they truly retain their charm and style. One example is having Rocket tell Star-Lord to use the wipers to get Thor off their windshield which put a grin on my face. All aboard the Marvel Train…Choo Choo!