Selangor Cyber Games (SGC) 2016 proves to be a very busy event with eight tournaments being run throughout the 3 days. With two main stages, the two main attractions for spectators are the MPGL Southeast Asian (SEA) Championship for Dota 2 and the SGC League of Legends, happening at The Square @ One City. The venue is open to the public free of charge.

Day 1

With so many tournaments to cover, we choose to focus on the main stage event, the MPGL SEA Championship. With reknowned international and local talents such as Eri Neeman, Sheever, ODpixel, GoDz, WinteR, Danelie, and Flava nonstop entertaining us, the spectators both IRL, on Twitch and eGG Astro 808, there was a fun and energetic flow to the proceedings.

The Bo1 format became key to keep games intense as most of the drafts were reasonably safe. However, this didn’t stop certain teams from drafting unconventional heroes with the current meta as they stomped the living daylights out of the enemy, with some games ending in GG calls as early as 18 minutes into play. We saw a Troll Warlord from WG.Unity go out of control in an aggressive trilane taking all map control from EHOME.Keen. There was also the Sniper pick from Mineski as raging-_-potato went on a rampage against WG.Unity.

Teams that are participating in the tournament are: Fnatic, MVP Pheonix , EHOME.Keen, White Fries Gaming, Execration, WG.Unity, Minseki, Power Gaming, Tangerine, and Signature.Trust.

Other than the games, you have your standard booths showing the latest Predator and Gigabyte Products, as well as Time, One City, Dota swag and refreshments booths. Giveaways from the both the booths and the main stage happen sporadically throughout the day.

Stay tuned in for more coverage of day 2 on The Level.