By Yue Lynn

Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) gave it their all against Eternity Esports to secure their fifth consecutive title in ​The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia Grand Finals, held in conjunction with Selangor Cyber Games at Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya last weekend (August 12-13).

Apart from the snazzy RM 40,000 prize winnings, the victory will see KLH qualify for Garena Premier League (GPL) held from 25-27 August in Bangkok, Thailand. GPL is a regional tournament featuring seven Southeast Asian representatives which leads to two qualifying slots into the League of Legends World Championships. Let’s cheer them on and hope that the Malaysian team goes to Worlds this time around.

The Grand Finals on Sunday featured a double-elimination format which was contested by Malaysia’s Top 3 League of Legends finalists: Kuala Lumpur Hunters, Eternity Esports and Nirvana Gaming.

In Dota 2, Feral Hearts steamrolled over Team Name, sweeping the enemy’s base. For FIFA Online 3, Kau Hau Tin emerged victorious against Chia Yuan Juan. Finally, for Tekken 7, the all-out battle had Dallen Koay landing the final blow against Mohd Rizan Bin Mujip.

The two-day event saw players from across Malaysia battling it out for glory and gold (aka the whopping RM180,000 total prize pool) in multiple eSports tournaments, together with cosplayers, giveaways and plenty of booth activities to check out.

The Tournaments

  • League of Legends The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia Grand Finals – RM80,000
  • Selangor Cyber Games Dota 2 Cup – RM50,000
  • Selangor Cyber Games FIFA Online 3 Cup – RM30,000
  • Selangor Cyber Games Tekken 7 Cup – RM20,000

Games aside, the Cosplay Collision between 10 local cosplayers finished with Dovah showcasing a stellar performance as Blood Moon Kalista to waltz away with the grand prize of RM 3,000. The winning performance was unanimously decided by guest judges including professional Cosplayer Aza Miyuko from South Korea, as well as Weon Haur and Fujiwara Kazuko from Malaysia.

Games aside, the Cosplay Collision between 10 local cosplayers finished with Dovah showcasing a stellar performance as Blood Moon Kalista to waltz away with the grand prize of RM 3,000. The winning performance was unanimously decided by guest judges including professional Cosplayer Aza Miyuko from South Korea, as well as Weon Haur and Fujiwara Kazuko from Malaysia.

Now that the facts are out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we?

I went to this event as a first timer, as a console player and as a noob. This would be the second eSports event I have attended, after the disappointing Hotshotz Asia 2017. Considering our Malaysian-style of organising things, you could guess that the level of expectation I had for Selangor Cyber Games wasn’t too high.


But boy was I impressed by how ‘neatly’ the event was managed. Everything seemed to be on time (of course, plus minus somelah). Despite being separated into two floors, it wasn’t difficult for the public to discern the locations of the booths (meet & greets, local artists with fan-art and the brand sponsors) and of course the two competition areas.

However, the area housing the supposedly-largest FIFA Online 3 competition wasn’t able to accommodate a large audience size as most of the area was used up by the participants (there’s a line separating the participants from the public), leaving little to no room for the public to watch the games. Additionally, it caused human traffic around that area that some shoppers may have felt mildly disgruntled about.

As for the main stage area where the League of Legends games were held, the crowd turnout was pretty big (always a good sign). There weren’t enough seats so many people needed to stand and watch. But judging from their attentive eyes and facial expression, I guess they didn’t really mind leg day! The production value for the main stage’s entire setup was admirable and giant screens with great HD quality is always a win for the public!

The only minor setback was the sound system/speaker. As the main stage area was located in the middle of a mall (noisy, large and exposed), one would suddenly find themselves hard of hearing; and most of the time, you probably would only catch bits and pieces of each sentence spoken into the microphones. This situation certainly didn’t do favours for the shoutcasters, with much of the audience eventually treating it like white noise.

This led to confusion during the Lucky Draw events, there were many confused faces as people try to confirm if their number is called. If only they used that giant screen of theirs and showed the lucky draw numbers for everyone to see clearly, it would be easier for everyone to know which lucky number was picked.

One of the best things about Selangor Cyber Games was the fact that it attracts attention (publicity and curiosity) besides enlightening the public about the potential and viability of video games and eSports as a growing industry and community. We are here to stay and grow!

As always, the passion from the crowd at Selangor Cyber Games during the weekend made it all worthwhile. The talent showcased by all the players was also very impressive and of great promise. We have great expectations for our Malaysian players, and we are already looking forward to Selangor Cyber Games 2018!” said Firdaus Hashim, the Director of Mineski Events Team.


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