by A.Akbar

If you’re an active gig-goer, you must notice how the crowd at each underground gig keeps increasing, well, not just underground gigs in particular – most music-related events nowadays do get amazing turnouts. Don’t believe me? Try attend one in the nearest future then, there are gigs going on every week now.

One of the standout local gigs that is happening soon is the Borneo X Semenanjung gig- quite an interesting concept really. It is a gig put together to bring bands from different parts of the world together, at the same time, to expose these bands to locals music lovers. Held at IntunNation, TTDI on the 4th of August 2018, this gig will fall on a Saturday night with an entry fee of only RM25.

Some of these bands you may have heard of, some you may not. On the Semenanjung side, the band whom recently kick-started their debut album ‘Koleksi Dendangan Untuk Masa Hadapan’ campaign, and after being quiet for half a year — Spooky Wet Dreams are finally back to headline the Borneo X Semenanjung gig, this time, with a sexy new look! Fans have been waiting for them to return to the stage long enough now, and the wait is finally at its end.

Next on the lineup, on the Semenanjung side as well is Jaggfuzzbeats! The alternative rock duo from Shah Alam released their debut album ‘Rest Now’ last year and recently they are beginning to play some new fresh new tunes at their shows. Right behind these two they’ve also got some new indie bands with quite the potential, such as The Filters whose name has been going around in the music scene with their energetic live performances, Jetcetera, fronted by the talented Aida Rashid- they’ve performed at only 3 highly successful gigs, and finally Bear Scouts whom just made their official debut in the scene two Fridays ago.

On the Borneo side, all of you must know this- this will be the very first time all of the Borneo bands in the lineup to perform here in Semenanjung. I am sure most of you have heard of Perfect Scums, the alternative synth-rock band from Brunei whom recently released a brand new album titled “Luna”. Finally, Tropical Hornbills and Empty Wallet will bring the sound of alternative indie rock from Brunei for all of us to enjoy.

Lazada Malaysia

Don’t know what to expect from this gig? One thing for sure is you have to be there to find out. Who knows, you might discover a new favourite band that day, or you might make new friends and connections. Remember, Borneo X Semenanjung will happen on the 4th of August at IntunNation, TTDI.

Date: August 4th, 2018

Lazada Indonesia

Time: 6pm

Venue: IntunNation, TTDI

Admission: RM25