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Submitted by Ryan Khoo.

On 20th February 1967, at Grays Harbor Hospital in Aberdeen, Washington, the cry of a new born baby boy is heard. His mother Wendy and his father Donald are happy to see their new born child.

His family has a musical background which made him to develop an interest in music early in his life. He started singing and playing the piano before the age of five! When he was nine, his parents’ divorce left him feeling ashamed because he could not face some of his friends. His mother began to date a man who was very abusive and even saw his mother in the hospital with a broken arm.

He had reached his youth and he behaved disrespectfully and bullied a boy in school. His father took him to a therapist and concluded that he would benefit from a single family environment. They attempted to bring his parents together but to no benefit and use.

His teenage rebellion became huge for his father and he is placed in care of friends and family. He stayed with a born-again Christian family of his friend, Jesse Reed, who is a faithful Christian and goes to church services, with this experience he later rejected Christianity.



He is uninterested in sports but his father insistent on him joining wrestling. He was a skilled wrestler but he allowed being pinned to sadden his father. His father enrolled him in a baseball team, where he purposely striked out to avoid playing.

He became friends with a homosexual student at school where he was bullied by heterosexual students who concluded that he was gay. He liked being related with a gay persona because he hated people and due to the fact they thought he was gay they left him alone. His friend tried to kiss him but he backed away and explained to him that he was not gay and would remain friends. He would draw during classes for his enjoyment. He would go to punk rock shows in Seattle as an escape.

 In his second year in high school, he began living with his mother. He dropped out of high school two weeks prior to graduation because he realized that he did not have enough credits to graduate. His mother gave him a choice- get a job or leave.

One week later, he found his clothes and his belongings packed in a box. He felt like he was being banished by his mother and stayed with friends but sometimes sneak back into his mother’s basement. During his homeless times he lived under a bridge over the Wishkah River.

In late 1986 he moved into an apartment and paid the rent by working. He frequently travels to Olympia, Washington for rock concerts. He meet a girl named Tracy and they had a relationship.  During their relationship he spent his time sleeping till late evening and this led to an argument. They split up and he began dating Tobi Vail and they had a relationship. Tobi’s friend Hanna spray-painted his wall with “Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

The young boy who was born in Aberdeen is Kurt Donald Cobain. Kurt had changed my life for the greater good. His saved me from suicide and depression. His band Nirvana will help me go through life and I will always remember to come as you are.

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