By A.Akbar

Indie rojak band Son Of A Policeman, better known as SOAP, was voted as one of the winners of the Tiger Jams competition by Tiger Beer alongside pop singer Rozella and indie-rap-rock group Donamarie.

SOAP, led by lead singer Joshua Jarrett Ganesan, received the most votes from fans and music lovers from all over the country with their chosen submission, African Freedom Song. As a result of that, the band will get to collaborate with Singaporean sweethearts The Sam Willows and street artist Donald Abraham.

The two other winners, Rozella and  Donamarie will also get to the chance to collaborate with superstar – producer Darren Ashley and Hong Kong pop punk group ToNick respectively.

Other contestants such as The Maha Jeffery Band, Ryotjones, and others also put up a good fight to get to the prize, but unfortunately were not able to break into the Top 3 despite tons of popular buzz. Congratulations to winners their wins, and we’re hoping to hear some awesome new material from the likes of SOAP and the rest very soon!

Lazada Malaysia