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By Yue Lynn

If you’ve been following or watching Poland’s stage matches at the recent Overwatch World Cup, you would notice that Team South Korea has undeniably stood out like a cool shining beacon of BadAssness. Love them or hate them, they are an admirable and versatile team made up of six of the best Overwatch players around. They won all of their matches against Austria (4-0), Poland (4-0), Netherlands (4-0)  and Russia (3-0) without dropping a single point. To rub more salt into the wound, Team South Korea managed to rack up a number of ‘Team Kills’ in a single match against one particular team. In the deft hands of the Koreans, it was a sight to behold with Overwatch gameplay at its finest.

Team South Korea’s defensive stronghold left little to no room for flanking and when overpowered, their “comebacks were incredibly real”. You can’t beat them head-on and you can’t sneak behind them. Rival teams tried all sort of ways (from using the infamous ‘Dive Meta’ to mirroring South Korea’s team composition) but all failed badly (Poor Austria who was completely annihilated by the Koreans).

What makes Team South Korea so incredibly scary? The answer is Mei; just kidding!

Great Pillars Of Supports


Photo Credit: Blizzard Press Center

One of the strongest and winning traits of Team South Korea is their extremely skilled support players. Ryujehong (Ana) and tobi (Lucio) makes up the healing-killing duo and they are a force to be reckoned with. People often have the misconception that ‘weak players usually play support heroes’ but ryujehong and tobi are no weaklings; in fact quite the opposite. Ryujehong (one of the best Ana players in existence) is one hell of a sharpshooter; his sleep darts are significant in stopping enemy Genjis’ ulting rampages on a few occasions (even Netherlands’ Vizility was no match to ryujehong).

Additionally, in one of their matches against the Russians, the Koreans actually use a Triple Support meta (their team composition comprises of: McCree, Reinhardt, Zarya, Ana, Lucio and Zenyatta) to attack King’s Row and succeeded in capturing the point faster than Tracer’s Blink.

The Mighty Tanks

Photo Credit: Blizzard Press Center

When it comes to tanks, the Koreans always use a combination of Zarya and Reinhardt, played masterfully by zunba (one of the best Zarya players around) and Mano. Though not an offense hero, the devastation and damage dealt by zunba’s Zarya on enemy teams are immense and is a big contributing factor (guess DPS team mate, Saebyeolbe doesn’t need to stress too much about being Tracer) in leading the entire team to victory. Zarya is not an easy hero to play but zunba makes it look like a walk in the park with the way he utilises her particle cannon, barriers and Graviton Surge. Couple that with Mano’s Reinhardt Barrier Shield, the Koreans are in tip-top condition to excel on both offensive and defensive fronts at the same time.

Fl0w3R Power

Photo Credit: Blizzard Press Center

One of the outstanding players in Team Korea’s lineup is of course none other than the versatile Fl0w3R, who seemed to be having a ball playing “Mystery Heroes”  in the World Cup. The Koreans had played all of Overwatch’s heroes except Symmetra with Fl0w3R at the top of the list for playing a wide range of characters; from the common DPS heroes such as Pharah, Genji and Sombra to unconventional picks like Reaper, Bastion, Torbjörn, Junkrat, Hanzo, Orisa and even Mei! It’s not rocket science to say Fl0w3R is one the best examples of a flex player in Overwatch.

Teamwork Of The Highest Order

Though Team South Korea is made up of six skilled individuals of different talents, they are at their strongest when they are playing and cooperating together like a well-oiled machine running on high gear. The core of Overwatch is team work and while the Koreans’ team composition of peculiar hero picks may not be conventional or sit right with many but they managed to make it work with success because the level of teamwork displayed was exceptional. Though fending off their rivals may be difficult at times, the timing of their ults are perfect and their attacks and defenses are cohesive.

Something worth mentioning was their dominance on King’s Row. They knew that map like the back of their hand and make use of the environment tactfully; hence, Fl0w3R’s Junkrat on Defense was put to good use against unsuspecting enemies.

At this point, Team South Korea’s train isn’t slowing down as their impressive victory result rightfully earned them a spot in November’s World Cup main event at BlizzCon. As a team manya lot are rooting for, there’s much anticipation from fans to see how their future matches will play out (by November, Doomfist would be a playable hero in Competitive so it would be interesting to see how the Koreans can include him in their team composition).

All in all, seeing is believing so to encapsulate all the points from above on how South Korea is such a superior Overwatch team, the video below aptly showcases their fantastic gameplay.


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