By: Marissa Dinar

KUALA LUMPUR :- If you’ve ever thought of the Malaysia’s urban concrete jungles are way too warm for you – you might just find the solution with one of the new mixes of Strongbow Apple Ciders currently out in the market. Being the No.1 global brand producing apple ciders for the consumption of masses, they’ve carted their drinks over to KL and Penang to cater to us sweaty masses.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Dark Fruit

Coming in three flavours, Elderflower, Gold Apple and Dark fruit, the ciders boast the taste of REAL apples, not genetically modified, synthetic ones. And the best part? You can get a free bottle via their 200,000 bottle giveaway available till the end of June!

There’s a catch though, you have to bring an apple. You bring an apple (Or maybe they provide apples, not a 100 percent sure tbh), trade it in mechanically via the carefully built Strongbow Apple to Cider Fridge – for a complimentary bottle of Apple Cider and in addition to that, get promotional vouchers for your next Strongbow Apple Cider beverage purchase!

Cider Fridge constructed especially for the Strongbow Cider Garden that automatically trades Strongbow Apple Cider for real apples

Lazada Malaysia

Head on over to Sunway Velocity Mall, Level B1 on the 9th of June from 10am – 9pm to visit your urban Garden of Eden.