Local fast food chain Sugarbun recently announced on their Facebook page that they would be opening a new branch in downtown KL later this week, and the reaction the received was nothing short of spectacular. Sarawakians living in and around our capital city have been rejoicing and re-sharing the image from the announcement, with quite a few already planning a trip to the outlet. I was dragged by my friends to some of the outlets in Kuching while I was there, and I will say that the food is actually pretty good.

The fast food chain is wildly popular in its native state of Sarawak, so we decided to ask a few Sarawakians what they thought of the chain expanding to downtown KL.


Image taken from Sugarbun’s Official Facebook Page

Their responses were very much in line with what we saw online, with the general reaction being “yesssssssss”. One respondent declared his undying love for Sugarbun’s Fish Burger (pictured above) and was ecstatic that, – much to our disbelief, – he would no longer have to hand-carry his beloved Fish Burgers back from Kuching. This probably explains the occasional funky smells in airplanes, but who am I to stand between a man and his food? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One respondent went a little off the cuff, saying “Sugar ****ing Bun! Woohoo!”, while others channeled their inner Kool-Aid Man, letting out deep and loud “Oh Yeah”s upon hearing the news. Another respondent, on a more sombre note, pointed out that getting to the outlet itself would prove to be a challenge due to its location in downtown KL.

Lazada Malaysia

Either way, we Malaysians are known for our amazing food – so when a Malaysian gets excited for food, expect something good.