By Jeremy Say


Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto, is the first exclusive PlayStation® VR title to have English localization for Southeast Asia. This visually immersive game will be available early 2017 on the PlayStation Network and will come complete with Japanese voice-overs with English subtitles.

The game allows the player to interact with Hikari Miyamoto, the main heroine, in various situations while using the PlayStation® VR system.

The story will span seven days as you get the full “life-like interactions” that the VR experience can provide as you take on the role of a tutor. You will be helping Hikari study and grow during the summer break as you live out the daily routines of being a tutor. You will also be faced with situations such as going outside for a date with Hikari and seeing fireworks together.

Now if only the dang VR system didn’t cost so much. Also, she is in high school…

Lazada Malaysia

Check out the trailer below.