By A.Akbar

Malaysian pop punk heavyweights Scarlet Heroes has been playing peek-a-boos with their fans by playfully teasing them with singles taken from the album. In that ordeal, the Heroes released three separate music videos for ‘Headway’, ‘Radio Romeo’, and ‘Fire In The Valley’ together with a cover of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’ that made waves on social media.

Finally, after months of teasing, Scarlet Heroes unleashed their full-flex album ‘Somewhere Under The Atmosphere’ last weekend. This album features 15 hard-hitting pizza-soda-friendly songs fully equipped with proper build-ups and breakdowns. What’s interesting about this album is the curation – how the band opened the cork with ‘Arrival’, a glorious 1 minute 53 seconds anthem for Jah’s Millennium Falcon to land, before the album really kicks in with ‘Headway’.

Scarlet went all out for the first ten songs, with ‘Georgetown Comedown’ being the most emotional, and relatable yet. It’s nice that the band gives tribute to such an iconic city for music and arts in their song that reflects back to the image of the band, being a full-on pop punk outfit with an American sound sprinkled with Malaysian taste. Many may differ, but ‘Georgetown Comedown’ may be one of the best songs in the album alongside ‘Fire In The Valley’ and ‘Realigned’, that surprised me with Jah’s vocals.

So far, ‘Somewhere Under The Atmosphere’ is the best-mixed Malaysian record this year, and as we are approaching the The Level MY’s Editor’s Choice list, we can’t find really find an album who can beat this one in terms of recording quality.

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