By Jeremy Say

Syber, an eSports Bar, had their official grand opening launch at Scott Garden Mall on the 26th November, 2016. This truly unique hangout for gamers is an eSports paradise. Not only do they have customized cocktails, draft beer, fine wine and a good strong whisky, they have the facilities and know-how to host their own tournaments and viewing parties.



With some pretty beefy custom computers and separated specialized gaming rooms, it’ll be a joy to come and participate at their onsite cash tournaments. Yes that’s right, they are dishing out cold hard cash and you can sign up as a member at These events will be quite frequent and you can keep yourself updates on their Facebook page.

Here are their drinks promotions as well.


So far, Syber has already hosted 2 tournaments – The Syber’s Mini Tourney and the Double Up Tournament, all before their 1st day of opening ended. The Syber’s Mini Tourney had a RM3,000 grand prize, where Fire Dragoon E-sports swept the competition in a 8 team Single Elimination Bo1 with Bo3 Finals.


Running on that high, Fire Dragoon also crushed their opponents in the Double Up Tournament, where they were able to compete in a show match against WarriorsGaming.Unity. That’s right, the SEA team that qualified for the upcoming Boston Majors! If they could defeat the professional team, they would double their winnings of RM5,000 to RM10,000.

The two teams duked it out at the Grand Opening of Syber, with a large crowd and cosplayers as the spectators. For the cosplay, you had your favorite characters from Dota 2, League of Legends and some random people in SWAT gear. Ah those crazy military junkies, joking though, I know that they cosplayed for CS:GO.


So back to the grand finals showmatch which had an extra RM5K on the line. Straight off the bat, Fire Dragoon showed their might and slowly gained an edge after each engagement. With what can only be called impressive lead, xiaNG-’s Sven had a 10/1/15 score and yaNG’s Silencer 9/5/22 by the end of the game. So much farm and intelligence was stolen throughout the game, that Warriors Gaming couldn’t do anything to stop inevitable end.

Fire Dragoon are your champions for both tournaments winning a total of RM13,000 and bragging rights. Thanks are in order to the great people at Syber for the fantastic tournament and Fallout Gaming Co for the fabulous gaming rooms, equipped with Logitech G gear and AK racing chairs.