By A.Akbar

Just a few days before Noh Salleh’s birthday, Hujan released a mysterious clip on Twitter that contains a snippet of never-before-heard song.

In a new upcoming indie scene waiting for its king, Hujan has long hinted about a new album, that has its fans on the edge of their seats. Since the last album, Noh has been busy with his solo career, Am with Masdo, and AG Coco slowly building his own Empire over at Kamar Seni Productions. But now, Hujan looks set to return to a much vibrant scene with a bunch of new material.

The clip that was posted, also has a red background with the word ‘Suria’ and the Hujan logo on it. The only question remains: will Ambobzeela be a part of the new album? Because we definitely hope so.

To wait for the new album, enjoy Jika Sempat here:

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