By A.Akbar

If bands like Taking Back Sunday set the tone for the emo scene, it was Avril Lavigne who slowly painted it slightly pink on the side. Through the dark days of the Black Parade till the post-Farro era of Paramore, Lavigne has always been the queen of emo and that’s been proven with a number of awards alongside millions of album sales.

What most of us don’t realise is that the queen doesn’t seem to age. Is it the eyeliner? The poser punk-rock attitude? Chad Kroeger’s singing in the bathroom? No one knows her secret, but one Twitter user did some extensive digging to come up with a surreal theory about Avril Lavigne. Apparently, the Canadian rock princess is dead.

This theory was first coined in 2015, but later then resurfaced with newer stories and fresher perspectives. The user, @givenchyass claimed that Avril Lavigne, who was tired of the glam rock princess life, hired a look-alike to pose as her in public, mainly in front of Los Angeles’ rowdy paparazzis.

The look-alike, Melissa Vandella, later became good friends with Lavigne and even practiced singing in Lavigne’s voice. The pair continued to work together until Avril Lavigne’s death right before the famous second album, Under My Skin.

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