by Aida Rashid

Indie rock band The Rudean is back with a single called ‘Bulan’, complete with a classic touch of ‘malam pesta muda mudi’ and a rock ’n’ roll vibe surrounding it. The song starts off with a melodic reverence for the moon, followed by the rhythmic sound of guitars you’d recognise from decades of the glorification of 60s music.

The song depicts a great piece of a bygone era in the way that it brings listeners to reminisce on moments with an old lover, or imagine living in a whole different time. ‘Rindu hatiku resah merindu, dengan belaian mesramu, namun kau tetap menghilang’ portrays the pain of missing a person, or a specific moment, a situation that’s easily relatable to a lot of hopeless romantics.

Listen to the song here: