You know, we’ve all got game. It’s about working with what you’ve got – and mine seems to be the over the top flirt thing, but hey. Pick up lines seem to be a universally regarded as a Bad Idea, and I’ve been using them on my friends (they’re so not happy with me). But first, let’s see what’s defined as a pick up line.

A pickup line or chat-up line is a conversation opener with the intent of engaging an unfamiliar person for romance or dating. Overt and sometimes humorous displays of romantic interest, pickup lines advertise the wit of their speakers to their target listeners. They are most commonly used by men who pick up women.

  • Wikipedia

Okay, gender equality here. Both genders can use bad pick up lines, so I’m compiling a list. Between the boys here at The Level MY and my Facebook, I’ve gotten some interesting ones to use. Read the list below, leave me some in the comments.

To soften the blow, here’s the best one I’ve gotten.

“Your pants must be on sale. Because they’d be 100% off at my place”

Thanks, Naomi. You made writing this considerably easier.

“I might not go down in history, but I’ll definitely go down on you”


I got this one from Syazween, and it’s a killer. Also, it might work on a history buff.

“Kau main Pokemon tak?…sebab aku nak pikat chu”

Radius, this is terrible.

“You’re just like my Proton cause I’d like to service you everyday”

Local comedian @haikalclassic sent in this one. I’m sorry, everyone who owns a Proton.

The next couple of lines come from my coworkers, and I didn’t know if I was going to rage quit WhatsApp or Picard face palm my way into oblivion:

“Would you rather Beedrill’ed or Slowpoke’d until you Squirtle?”

“The word of the day is legs. Let’s go to your house and spread the word”

“Were you forged by Sauron, cause baby, you’re precious”

Kill me.

And the winner (is this a win?) of The Worst Pick Up Line I’ve received to date is from Ellie:

“From 1 to the human centipede, how close am I to eating that *ss?”

I just, I can’t. I can’t even. Nope.

I’m not going to tell you that my game is great, but these are some lines that won’t work. If they do, you’ve snagged yourself an interesting date, to say the least. Hit me up with some smooth lines at @hannahcyanide or in the comments and save me from the barrage of bad lines my coworkers keep sending to our WhatsApp group.