Welcome back to #Thirstday, the Thursday column about dating, romance and everything in between. I know it’s Ladies Night and we’re all ready to go out hunting while we wait in anticipation for Friday night, but while away your time by reading this. Also, I’d recommend a sangria. An entire jug of it.


As Jeremy has mentioned, Tinder is 80% male. This means that women hold all the power – which might seem unfair, but this isn’t an article about that. Today’s #Thirstday segment is about how the thirst is real.

The top definition on Urban Dictionary reads as such:

A form of lust of or want of members of the opposite sex. This term can refer to both males and females. Though its origin in popular culture is debatable, the term is used quite frequently on campuses of boarding schools in Illinois.

That being said, the thirst is real in Malaysia. Too many times have we sat down with friends and listened to That One Guy moaning about how he’s been dry for X amount of time. We’ve got the friend whose top WhatsApp chats are him chatting up girls, trying to wriggle his way into their beds. I’ve got group chats dedicated to Tinder hell and bad pick up lines, blowing up in the middle of the night. I’ve been witness to a girlfriend going through Tinder, swiping right based on how likely she is to sleep with them – and the same friend swipes right on every single person she sees because she’s Just That Dry.

The thirst extends beyond that though, with men in Malaysia openly ogling women without an ounce of shame, making loud comments in an attempt to get a girl’s attention. The braver (or classless, depends on your viewpoint here) will verbally harass a girl, following her for an extended period of time until she relents or runs. When men are in the grip of the Thirst, it would seem that all common sense and propriety go out the window.

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On the flipside, given the gender bias – you’d think that girls have it far easier. Some girls drop all semblance of standards, some girls do things that are way out of their normal scope of behaviour and, well – this is why those insane stories we talk over Sex and the City-style brunches exist.

At the end of the day, being thirsty is fine because sex is a given biological need. Let’s just try not go overboard, guys? Looking forward to seeing some comments, your stories or anything related over in the comments or on Twitter.

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