By Angel Tong

So you’ve gone through the whole process of getting yourself a date with a girl who you find attractive (personality or looks-wise) and now you’re panicking cause you don’t know where to bring her. AIKS! There’s just so much to consider! Will she think I’m boring? Where do I bring her? Is it over my budget? What do we eat?

Well if any of the questions above are on your mind, this is the Survival Guide for you! Scroll down to get some inspiration for budget-friendly date ideas.


So if you have a date, but you only have RM50 to spend, don’t worry we have your back for a simple cost-friendly date ideas. You can’t go wrong with starting off a date with an innocent lunch and a movie after. For lunch you could go for something like Secret of Louisiana @ Kelana Jaya to enjoy a spaghetti buffet for RM 24.90 per person. The restaurant is located by the Kelana Jaya Lake and can give off a budget-romantic feeling. Spaghetti and meatballs by the lake sounds like a good start to any date.

If your date is more into all-day breakfast meals, you should consider heading to Departure Lounge @ Uptown for a customizable all-day breakfast where they have 3-items platter (RM10.90), 5-items platter (RM15.90), and 7-items platter (RM17.90). So you only pay for how much you can devour and can custom your breakfast platter to suit your taste palette. Make sure to fill your tummies before you head for your next activity! (This also gives you a small window of opportunity to escape after lunch if this person wasn’t what you thought they were, you can leave after lunch).

Only if she’s got a GREAT sense of humor.

TGV Cinemas has great deals for RM8 tickets for movies before 12pm on weekdays. Aside from that, students and Maybank users get RM10 tickets for movies before 6pm on weekdays. Maybank users also get a 10% off at the concession counter. Pick a nice movie that both of you would enjoy. Discuss it with your date before you buy tickets, or maybe even during lunch, if you run out of topics to talk about you can ask her if she’s keen on watching any new blockbuster movie that’s out or just randomly go for the next movie showing (I’ve done this a few times and scored some Malay horror movies with my date and we laughed the entire time! It was great) and enjoyed ourselves.


Here you have RM100 to spend on your date instead. It doesn’t change much, but you have more options for a fun date. (Remember: these are only ideas to help with budgeting but the success of the date depends on you).

Escape Room will test your brains – and whether you can work together! #importantthings

Escape Room @ ECurve is a good place where you and your date can figure shit out together (which is basically what you’ll be doing if you two do get together) and here’s a perfect chance to test her problem solving skills! You can also pick which room you want to try which comes with a different series of puzzles in each room. The pricing is as follows:

Monday-Friday (11am-5pm) – RM 32
Monday-Friday (5pm-1am) – RM 36
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday (11am-5pm) – RM 36

Other than that you can take her for a comedy show at The Bee @ Publika! (cause who wouldn’t want to date a girl with a good sense of humour?) You could check out The Bee’s Facebook page for more information on their comedy shows, music, ticket pricings and other details. The tickets per person is only RM30 at the Have Pun Malaysia Pun Competition.

Meet Flash from Huskiss! Your date will probably find him handsomer, sadly.

Of course, if you and your date have a crazy love for huskies, you could both head over to The Huskiss Cafe @ Kelana Jaya which is open daily from 11am to 9pm. Just make sure you call ahead and book yourselves places based on the timing of the sessions and remember to arrive 15 mins before your session!

Session A: 11am-12.30pm

Session B: 12.30pm-2pm

Session C: 2pm-3.30pm

Session D: 5.30pm-7pm

Session E: 7pm-8.30pm

Session F: 8.30pm-10pm


I guess someone’s ballin’ and wants to make sure to impress the date you’re bringing out (jk). Like I said before, this only opens you up to more ideas you can play around with when planning this date. Firstly, you could try bringing this girl for a date ON ICE. (Maybe it’ll make you COOLER. Hahaha I am only joking). The Ice Skating Rink @ Sunway Pyramid only charges these following rates for non-members:

Weekdays: RM20

Weekends: RM25

School & Public Holidays: RM28

Other than getting the cold shoulder, you could really make it fun by bringing her to The Rift, Asia’a First & Largest VR/AR Theme Park @ Mid Valley and get ready to immerse yourself in ZERO LATENCY’s virtual free-roaming worlds, where you will race to solve problems, fight off aliens, or struggle against zombies for survival together with your team for only RM68 per person. After all, I’m sure a girl who can hold her own in a zombie apocalypse scores some brownie points on your list *winks*

Another more ‘adult’ thing to do on a date is to go for Shake ‘n Take by Locker & Loft @ Damansara Kim for the chance to experience making your own cocktails from scratch (of course you’d be guided by an expert). There’s no training fees, so you only pay for your drinks. This is a slightly more creative way to get smashed with your date. Perfect for a night of getting to know each other (ALSO if this is her first time making some cocktails, she’ll never forget this date *wink wink*)

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