By Adani Bakhtiar

You’d expect Raya to remain its roots with classical tone, no? These songs might change your views! With so many of our local artists looking to put their own spin on the classic Raya sound, this Raya doesn’t have to sound like the same old at all. From Bunkface to SOG, from Pesawat to Meet Uncle Hussein, here are 10 local Raya songs that you should be jamming out to this Raya!

  • Bunkface – Anugerah Syawal

You’d expect Raya to remain its classical tone, no? Staying true to their style of music, Bunkface did an upbeat pop Raya song for you to dance and jam to!

  • Bittersweet – Next Aidilfitri

A twist between the classic and new. This one’s not to miss!

  • SOG  (feat. Ana Raffali) – Lagu Raya

Your non-typical heavy rock Lagu Raya. Give it a listen and surprise yourself!

  • Yuna – Raya Oh Yeah

If you’re spending your Raya with your other half, this is the perfect ‘angau’ for you to sing-along to!

“Raya kali ini mungkin berbeza

Kerna ku ada dia

Nyalakan pelita cinta di hari raya.”

  • Pesawat – Menjelang Syawal

With Hari Raya dawning, we reminisce back our previous Raya memories. The good old days, hectic kitchen as mum cooks rendang, fireworks played by little ones. Play the song, youll know what we mean.

  • Noh Salleh – Sinar

With the metaphorical lyrics this song twists and turns upon, we know the only person deserves to sing this is no other than Noh Salleh (Hujan).

“Dengar irama sayu

Membelai syahdu yang kau noda

Tapi tak mengapa jelas sinar antara kita.”

  • Ana Raffali – Hari-Hari Hari Raya

Cheesy and easy-going, this song’s the good vibe you’re searching for!  

  • Butterfingers – Hari Raya di Kuala Lumpur

Only KL-lites can relate. We think.

  • Monoloque – Hari Raya Ini Dalam Sejarah

With this mellow upbeat combined with Monoloque’s soothing voice, you’ll be daydreaming your way throughout Hari Raya!

  • Meet Uncle Hussein (feat. Hazama) – Salam Doa Di Pusara

A prayer for lost and longing. Heads up, this song might tear you up.