Yesterday, we released the first part of our list of Top 30 Malaysian Songs of 2016, revealing our picks for numbers 30 to 21 – featuring the likes of Bunkface, Hujan, Talitha Tan, and Liyana Fizi. You can check that out over here: Clicky Click

Today, we’re revealing our picks for numbers 20 to 11. Let’s dive into some of the best Malaysian music 2016 had to offer:


  1. Perusak Cinta by Gerhana Ska Cinta ft Liyana Fizi

Gerhana Ska Cinta came back with a brand new look – but the same old ska groove. GSC’s return was very much awaited, and “Perusak Cinta” was the perfect way to announce their comeback. “Perusak Cinta” wouldn’t sound out of place in the P.Ramlee-Anakku Sazali days – where club patrons would dance to this kind of music instead of…whatever it is they’re playing now. After kicking things off again with a track as solid as this, and we reckon that GSC will continue their run in 2017.


Lazada Malaysia

  1. Bones, Lights, & Eyes by ArC

Probably the heaviest song on the list, ArC released this mammoth song in September. “Bones, Lights, & Eyes” has a great mix of clean and screamed vocals, with a catchy, singalong-worthy chorus – not forgetting that zesty guitar solo near the end of the song that adds an interesting flavor to the djent song. This song stands out as one of the most well-balanced metal songs to have come out this year, cementing its spot on the top 20 list. And before you ask – yes, it djents.

Lazada Indonesia



  1. Ice Cream by Beatburns

What a year it was for Maruxa Lynd, appearing on tracks by An Honest Mistake and K Town Clan on top of Beatburns signing a major label deal with Universal Music Malaysia. “Ice Cream” was their first song since the signing, and to be honest, the shift from the pop punk Beatburns to the current one is sublime. The dark pop direction that band is taking is fantastic and suits Lynd’s personality on stage. “Ice Cream” deserves more radio plays on our book!



  1. Terranova by Patriots

Patriots is the mature version of the pop punk band Heart-A-Tack that we all used to love, and it sound does sound like they’ve come of age. “Terranova”, taken from the Stand Off EP that was recorded and mixed by french band Chunk! No Captain, Chunk, is one of the better tracks in the record ahead of their first release “Fallen”. “Terranova”’s production quality is unreal, the composition is neat, and Ayeen’s vocals have improved so much from their first EP. Despite not having a drummer, “Terranova” shows the full force of Patriots and their best hit this year.



  1. Alive by alextbh

Electronic producer alextbh has been attracting attention both online and offline this year, especially when his track “tbh” earned more than 40,000 views on youtube. alextbh’s distinctive style of singing properly sandwiched in between beats has never sounded so fresh – and so far, “Alive” is the best, and oddest one yet. Put “Alive” in the proper channel, and see it blow as it has the potential to be accepted by the mainstream Malaysian masses. Alex is the youngest prodigy and the one to watch next year tbh, what a time to be “Alive”.



  1. Kawkaw by K Town Clan ft Maruxa Lynd

This song was heavily debated in the meeting room, but who could say no to how technical the song actually is? K Town Clan courageously mixed a Malay dangdut irama with rap sensibilities, and the final product is a great-sounding track with all the polish you’d expect of a 21st-century production – and trust us, that isn’t as simple as it sounds. Say what you want about the track, but you only “boleh tengok, tak boleh pegang”.



  1. 3AM in Jakarta by Emir Hermono ft A.Nayaka

Emir Hermono may be Indonesian, but he’s based in Kuala Lumpur. The producer once made noise with “SUMDIMSUM”, and this year he helped Altimet produce his song “Seru” – but truly it was Emir’s own baby that got him in this list. “3AM in Jakarta” is a brilliant hip hop/R&B track for a late night drive in Jakarta, or even Kuala Lumpur and Penang. His beats are well arranged and A.Nayaka’s presence is also well celebrated in the track. AM or PM, any time is a good time to listen to Emir Hermono.



  1. Stargazing by Daiyan Trisha

It’s official people: we’ve found our Taylor Swift. Daiyan Trisha is not just your regular send-me-to-Nashville singer-songwriter – she’s versatile and has quite a powerful voice for the music that she plays. “Stargazing” is exceptionally beautiful, and fit to be the theme song of a Nicholas Sparks movie. The quality of the track is incredible, the chorus is stellar, and the lyrics are enough to make you miss someone that you’re not supposed to. Keep this song on repeat, and you’ll be singing it to sleep.



  1. Symmetry by Jaggfuzzbeats

After announcing themselves with “Hours”, “Wasted Night”, and “damncoldurban”, Jaggfuzzbeats laid low and worked quietly at the hills of Putra Heights to create this diamond. “Symmetry”’s intro has a powerful hook that compliments the song well alongside the smooth guitar playing of Azrul. The song is a proper curtain-raiser for their much anticipated first album. Much to be expected from Jaggfuzzbeats and we dare say that a promising alternative rock career is ahead of them.



  1. Pemacu Api by Toko Kilat

Likened to Interpol, Toko Kilat made waves on social media after the news that Irfan from The Times and Edwin from They Will Kill Us All will be playing music together (especially after that cheeky interview we had with the latter earlier). Toko Kilat showed their might in the most fashionable of ways with “Pemacu Api”, especially with that sexy bassline opening the track. Whether you like it or not, “Pemacu Api” is a strong message to alternative rock fans that this genre will come back in full force through the masculine screams of Edwin himself.