By A.Akbar

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything from Tres Empre and after this article, you might not be so enthusiastic about what may come next.

Tres Empre rose to prominence after beating every then-big band to open for rock legends Incubus, and what happened after was history. The band went on to release ‘Antagonist’ and became one of the most sought-after bands in their genre. But after launching ‘Khayalan Kaca’, Tres Empre has been quiet, or at least not as active as they were before. Rumors said that the band members were busy working, but social media updates by Shahbaz Ahmad, one of the key members of the band, may just hint the fate of the band.

Shahbaz, or Baz in short, is the guitarist of the band, which last played at Grazroots Festival in Putrajaya. Baz hinted that the next few shows may be the his last, or the band’s. Take a look at the screenshots below:

Screenshot by an external source.

Lazada Malaysia

Screenshot by external source.

Lazada Indonesia

The picture with the caption ‘2010-2017’ is a strong indication that Tres Empre may close shop in the next two gigs. If these are true, then we may be losing another gem in the local music sphere.

Check out their previous release, ‘Khayalan Kaca’ here: