Memes are a beautiful thing. It’s simple, light hearted humour that doesn’t necessarily make sense that’s very easy to understand, but incredibly difficult to explain. Luckily, the explanation needn’t be had as much of the internet is in sync with what the meme means, so when Big Shaq went into the studio on BBC 1Xtra to perform his freestyle rap, the Twitterverse blew up. Without further ado, we’ve compiled some of the best ones that we found on Twitter thus far.









NEW RELEASE: The Heist by Morphinemen

By A. Akbar There’s a new duo in town, and they’re the Morphinemen (though ironically, both of them are girls). The band consists of Aswara students Myra Darena and Dee, and they look set to be the next Tegan and Sara with their new song, “The Heist”. Let Myra’s sweet...
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Interview: Irfan from The Times

A couple of weeks ago, we got the chance to sit down with Irfan, the former drummer of the legendary Malaysian indie band, The Times. They once conquered the alternative airwaves with songs like “Dari Singapura Ke Kuala Lumpur”, “Gadisku Dalam Koma”, “Pesona Algebra”,...
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Event: Guinness Amplify 2016: Learn Music, Love Music, Live Music

By Robert Wen Guinness Amplify has made waves across 2016 by endorsing the likes of Kyoto Protocol and Jumero with proper platforms for them to strut their stuff to the world. Now reaching the end of the programme, the good guys at Guinness will be closing their...
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#TBT!: May 26th

By Matt Liew #TBT! is the weekly music column where we throwback to significant happenings on that specific date in musical history.   This day in 1979, Debbie Harry-fronted Blondie scored their second No. 1 hit in the UK with “Sunday Girl”. “Sunday Girl”, a  was...
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ECCO Launches INTRINSIC TR & KINHIN Collections

By Hannah Azlan Minimalism and athleisure show no sign of slowing down, so it’s only fitting that ECCO launched their INTRINSIC TR and KINHIN collections recently. The Danish brand combines style and comfort effortlessly, and they’re looking to tap into the Malaysian...
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Coming This Fall: FENTY BEAUTY By Rihanna.

By Adani Bakhtiar Our ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ just can't sit still! We know Rihanna for her music and fashion sense. She has recently left us all in awe with her red carpet outfits at the Met Ball and Cannes Film Festival. And as we may know, her recent collaboration...
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NEW RELEASE: Cuma Kamu – Emir Hermono

By Muhammad Nabil Emir Hermono returns with a new single! Bringing along Kay from Novakane, the song is part of an upcoming album called 3 AM In Jakarta, which will be released soon. The song follows up on 021 and Fall For You, it’s main theme encompasses obsession...
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Jaggfuzzbeats’ Rest Now is now available on Spotify

By A.Akbar The release of “Symmetry” created a gnawing appetite in local rock fans for more of Azrul and Omar and their very unique Malaysian indie sound. With the EP now available on Spotify, we can finally say that the anxiety of waiting has gone and we can finally...
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Event: Bereh Boh featuring Naratu, The Needles, SCRTWKND

By A.Akbar Ashraff Jamil of The Fridays and the good people of Behave Studio present you with Bereh Boh, featuring some of the best Klang Valley-based bands to rock the night out to. The lineup includes metal scene favorites Naratu, rock groups SCRTWKND, Anthena, and...
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5 Local Raya Style Must-Haves

By Adani Bakhtiar The festive season is just around the corner, and we know there’s always something else you need to do to get ready for the visiting - and the feasting. Here are some local Raya products and designs that you’ll definitely want to consider spending...
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