By Shazwan Zulkiffli

University Teknologi Mara, an educational institution which caters almost exclusively to Malays and Bumiputras isn’t exactly the first place you’d look for racial justice, or the last place you’d look for racial injustice. At the end of 2015, the Malaccan branch of the university held a forum on a topic that they called ‘ancaman gerakan pemurtadan kristianisasi’, or in other words, the threat of christianisation in Malaysia that sparked major uproar considering that Malaysia is a secular multiracial country according to the constitution and Malacca has a large population of Christians, especially within the Portuguese community.

Yesterday, another story surfaced where the netizen exposed racism culture within UiTM’s extra curricular programme called ‘Kesatria’.

The netizen, who attended the lecture, was asked a question (that turned out to be a rhetorical one), and received a backlash from lecturer in charge for suggesting his personal opinions on the matter.

This came just a few days after UiTM was embroiled in controversy yet again when IMAD UiTM launched an anti-gay campaign on Twitter, that attracted many skeptics asking them critical question which in the end, prompted the admins to delete the official IMAD UiTM Twitter account.

Lazada Malaysia

The major question lies on UiTM’s total silence on both issues. Does UiTM endorses these discriminatory acts? Do these acts represent UiTM’s core values?

UiTM has yet to respond.