By A.Akbar

It has come to everyone’s attention that a short snippet of a video went viral when the video shows a footage of an elderly man, fully equipped in religious clothing, was seen ‘molesting’ a female commuter beside him.

The video was first uploaded by a twitter account called Firamond, and has now attracted major news outlets in covering the story. The elderly man, who is probably in his 50s-60s, received negative criticism for his actions on Twitter as netizens showed rage and fury when the footage was out.

However as of the weekend, more and more netizens came out to defend the uncle, claiming that he didn’t do it intentionally, and that he looked ‘uncomfortable’.

Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Indonesia


Another concerned netizen even volunteered to help the elderly man sue his accusers in order to clear out his name from slander.

Judging by the video, do you think the man molested the female commuter beside him?

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