By Jeremy Say

Links to original story and other updates: 1 (RM1 million missing AGES 2016) / 2 (Friends Worldwide Response Deleted)

UPDATE: While four days late, Platinum Eden Sdn. Bhd. has finally released their statement concerning the disbursement of prize money for AGES 2016. Apparently, to avoid an adverse effect on their business, they decided to delay their statement to properly convey and deliver on a proper platform for their statement.

Saying they will be transparent, the issue with disbursement seems to be tied to some legal matters that they would first like to be resolved. As to what legalities issues are impeding the release of the money, no other information was found in the statement.

Platinum Eden will delay the disbursement for at maximum another 90 days or as early as 30 days. They are determined it is seemed to pay the winners and refute all claims that they don’t want to pay as stated by certain parties (it’s all over Facebook). They also note to stay tuned for a full article on 26/09/2016 – the same day as the proposed ESM press conference, which is now deemed cancelled and unnecessary.

All said in done, ESM and Platinum Eden have seem to be on friendly terms again. Well now that Platinum Eden have begun contacting winners for arranging payment details, that is.

ESM said they are thankful for the organizer’s statement and will continue to support the good efforts of the AGES 2016 organizers. On top of that they will be facilitating the meeting between the Winners and the Organizer. As for the international teams they will arrange a separate Skype session.

Here’s to us hoping everything is resolved amicably. We don’t want to tarnish Malaysia’s eSports community any further. We don’t want to end up like the whole Shanghai Majors fiasco, because that was embarrassing to the eSports scene as a whole. Here is to the money reaching those that deserve it promptly and without any further hassle. #MalaysianTime