By Jeremy Say

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UPDATE: Rizal Escobar, also known as Rizal Rozali from Friends Worldwide, responded to an ESM post regarding plans to take action against Platinum Eden Sdn Bhd and Friends Worldwide on their Facebook page.

It was not even up for more than half an hour before being deleted on the Esports Malaysia Facebook page. The post was no longer available when we checked at 7:56pm, 20th September 2016.

Here is a picture of said post and the text transcribed from the photo for easier reading.




To Whom It May Concern,

I am replying this statement on behalf of Friends Worldwide in my capacity as the Head of Client Management.

Kindly be advised that Friends Worldwide was the appointed Event Manager for AGES2016. We were appointed by Platinum Eden Sdn Bhd to organise and handle the event coordination for AGES2016.

We wish to state that Friends Worldwide is not in any way liable to disburse the prize pool monies to all winners of AGES2016. This has been made clear in all our communications where our roles have been clearly spelt out when we started this project.

However, we realised that in most communications to public pertaining to AGES 2016, our name has been dragged as one of the event owners responsible for matters relating to prize money. This has tarnished our image as a responsible and credible agency.

In view of that, we would like ESM to retract all statements made that involved the use of our agency’s name with immediate effect.

We also seek a public apology for misusing our agency’s name as ESM is fully aware of our roles in this event.

Failure to do so will leave us with no choice but to proceed with a legal recourse to ESM on the matter.

On the winners prize money distribution, we applaud ESM for taking the lead in ensuring the players receive their hard-earned winnings. It is our sincere hope that this matter will be amicably resolved soon.

Thank You.

Rizal Rozali
20 September 2016 @ 7:38pm

cc: Ghin Chung Esports Malaysia Firdaus Hashim Muhammad Farouq BigBoss JomGaming Gamer Malaya


The gist of it is that Friends Worldwide is seeking an apology from ESM for tarnishing their agency. Which, by the way, was met with the post being deleted and it was confirmed that Rizal did not delete his own post.




To be fair ESM did say, “Please refrain from commenting on this post to avoid any complications.” Well, unfortunately, complications are here to stay, as questions on why ESM decide to not address Rizal’s post directly are beginning to mount.

They should know full well that multiple people and entities from the industry were cc’d in the post, not to mention the multitude of eSports fans who are regular patrons of the ESM Facebook page. Things can’t really be taken back once posted on the Internet and things have a tendency to go viral the more you try to delete every trace of them from the Internet.

Just before I was about to submit this update, another deletion occurred on all comments and in its place was this:




With Muhammad “Flava” Farouq responding with his own opinions here.

This is the 3rd time in under a month that we know where they deleted a post from their page completely. So is this how ESM responds to things? Delete and hope no one sees it or it goes away? One of the post was directly from Friends Worldwide! Are they not one of the so called organizers in questioned? Too many questions keep coming up concerning the whole AGES 2016 fiasco. What really is the problem behind the late disbursement of the prize money? What about the staffs’ lack of payment, is that also true? Will the money ever be given out? #MalaysianTime

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