By Muhammad Nabil

Underestimation. That was the lingering thought that kept twisting away at the back of my head while Elda and Adi were performing arguably one of the most surreal sets I have experienced in my life. It amazed me, to see a pair of musicians’ intentions to be so pure and genuine. It radiated everywhere, in their personalities, in their showmanship, and in their music.

Urbanscapes 2017 – Stars and Rabbit – DDY_5884 – Photo by All Is Amazing

But why exactly underestimation?

Urbanscapes 2017 – Stars and Rabbit – _MG_0210 – Photo by All Is Amazing

Let’s rewind back to before the start of the event. Takahara Suiko aka The Venopian Solitude was the opening act and brought the whole cavalry along with her. Safe to say she didn’t cut any corners with her performance, as her bandmates adorned in traditional clothing. What wasn’t expected was that she brought with her a whole set of percussion instruments; kompang and timpani coupled with synthesizers and a MIDI keyboard.

Lazada Malaysia

Urbanscapes 2017 – Stars and Rabbit – DDY_5846 – Photo by All Is Amazing

The experimental electro-pop group engulfed everyone in their realm of unorthodox play, often building up the progression of the song slowly and steadily, following the crescendo of the timpani, and immediately surges into an electronic affair with a snap of the fingers. Her diverse ability to stitch traditional and organic sounds within an electro-pop composition is phenomenal and downright astounding to say the least.

Lazada Indonesia

Urbanscapes 2017 – Stars and Rabbit – _MG_0141 – Photo by All Is Amazing

And that wasn’t even the best part. I wasn’t prepared for what came next.

Think Daughter, blended with Bjork, sprinkled with a bit of Mumford and Sons, and you’d be close. In theory at least, it doesn’t sound to be a cocktail worth sipping on, but Elda and Adi have somehow made the drink even sweeter. Elda’s immense vocal range surges from the deepest lows all the way to the highs in a span of a verse, constantly repeating the same energy it took to propagate 4 lines, prominently featured in ‘Worth It.’

Urbanscapes 2017 – Stars and Rabbit – DDY_5676 – Photo by All Is Amazing

It’s definitely obvious that the both of them carry and assist each other throughout their performance. Adi’s deft fingerwork follows the trail of Elda’s voice, and the duo lift and drop the tone together, a clear sign of each other’s level of trust and confidence in each other’s ability to drive the song.

Urbanscapes 2017 – Stars and Rabbit – _MG_0326 – Photo by All Is Amazing

It was beautiful, it was magical, it was genuine.

It even surprised both of them when the crowd filled in the gaps during ‘Worth It” and “Man Upon The Hill.” And that’s why I feel that they underestimate their abilities to hold the crowd’s hand and take them into their journey through the fields of melancholy straight through the garden of love, followed by gentle, precise guitar fingerpicking. Because that’s exactly what they did that night, and they did it damn well. Just listen to Man Upon The Hill (Live at Societet Militair) to get an idea of what I’m on about.

Urbanscapes 2017 – Stars and Rabbit – _MG_0489 – Photo by All Is Amazing

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