NECESSARY DISCLAIMER: the point of this guide is help you travel, not get laid. If you’re looking for a ‘how to’ for that, the internet is full of them.

Getting is laid is easy. Look good? Someone’s going to want to sleep with you. We are here to help you find out what Tinder can offer besides the typical sexual relationships.

Fair warning: this whole ‘Tinder for Travelling’ thing is recommended if you’re already comfortable with Tinder. Still a rookie? You may want to read our previous post about it – How To Win At Tinder .

Okay, so you know you’re going somewhere. Time to invest just a bit of your cash into buying a Tinder Plus account. (Approx. RM12). This helps you scope out your potential dates without physically being there… yet. That’s right, be it Penang, Singapore or all the way in London – you can be there swiping way in advance of your trip.

Rewrite your bio, let them know you’re coming over in a few weeks or days and seal the deal. Talk to them. Communicate this. To some people, they don’t wanna waste their time in the app talking to a person who’s miles away, but you’d be surprised. There are a few who’d wait for you and initiate conversations to know more about what you’re up to.

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Once you’ve set your new location and bio description, swipe ahead! With the plus account, there’s a Tinder Boost feature that let’s you be one of the top profiles in the area for 30 minutes, covering up to 10x more profile views – thus, increasing your chances for more matches. Swipe following your usual preferences, be daring on meeting someone who’s maybe not your taste. Either way, HAVE. FUN.

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Before flying off, you’d be busy running errands and such. But once you’ve matched with a few, following typical Tinder etiquette, you have to reply immediately. You don’t have forever in that country, you need matches pronto. Because truth be told, you only need one person to show you around the city. So start making plans with them, ask about local insights and hacks. This will totally help in you saving up some time and cash.

Once you’ve settled in, hit them up and start going out for your scheduled coffees and sightseeings dates. Learn their culture and lifestyle. This is the time for you to learn about a person and the city. Whatever you do after that is totally up to you *winkwink*.

And there you have it, a breakdown on how you can use Tinder while travelling, to help you find out more on what the locals do there. Share your Tinder travelling experiences in the comments below!