By A.Akbar

As Ramadan progresses and the slight changes in our daily routine for the month, the heat and the hunger can get to people, hence the infamous ‘baling selipar’ incident that occurred during this holy month last year at a Ramadan bazaar. But that’s the challenge of Ramadan, no? Where your willpower to fight lust and anger will be put to the test.

Luckily no slippers were thrown at windshields this year, but in the aftermath of a brand new government, not everyone welcomed Ramadan with a new leaf. No one can deny that there’s a brand new light for Malaysians after the ousting of our former leader, but the petty social media shenanigans will predictably still continue to serve the Malaysian netizens with popcorn-worthy entertainment. But on top of the grand Birkin sweep and parliamentary appointments, one particular internet scuffle is standing out as it slowly escalates into a legitimate police case.

It began when a social media user under the name Faiz Roslan, posted a video of him and his normal shenanigans, but given that it’s the holy month of Ramadan, a number of his followers were slightly uncomfortable with his actions (even though it shouldn’t have bugged anyone in the first place). The story grew and the news was eventually picked up by a self-proclaimed ustaz who calls himself Da’i Wan, a social media savvy religious preacher who is liked by many for his discussions on relevant issues. After watching his videos, the ustaz penned an open letter to Faiz Roslan, threatening him to delete the video or face ‘consequences’.

The two clashed heads and exchanged opinions as the issue heated up, but one unexpected guest has entered the 1-on-1 debate uninvited, spewing hate and irony all over the table. Sharnaaz Ahmad, known for his role in the Juvana series, brought out his character onto social media by provoking, harassing, and threatening to physically hurt Faiz Roslan for being ‘effeminate’ in his videos. It’s ironic however since funnily enough, Sharnaaz once took up a role as an effeminate character for a TV show that was broadcasted nationwide, so really, what gives man?

Lazada Malaysia

Sharnaaz’s violent threats influenced many netizens to do the same. Uncalled for, obviously, as Sharnaaz has ignited a violent mob to verbally and possibly physically abuse a random netizen for an unpopular opinion. What started out as a an exchange of opinions may just end up in blood with Sharnaaz showing no signs of slowing down. But if shit actually goes down, will Sharnaaz takes all the blame for himself? The answer is no.

Lazada Indonesia

Like it or not, Da’i Wan shares the blame for starting this whole ruckus in the first place. Da’i Wan showcased nothing but unprofessionalism – dealing with something that doesn’t fully concern him in the most amateurish way possible. The damage might not be critical if Da’i Wan is a regular netizen who speaks to a crowd of 200 followers, but his followership is in the thousands, 117,000 followers to be exact. Da’i Wan is setting a bad example of how a Muslim should advise another by blatantly threatening him/her using his fame and followership. What kind of deluded, narcissistic person who calls himself a Da’i, dares to use his own name and religion to justify his personal anger, that has now converted to a furious mob seeking for blood during Ramadan. I hope you’re proud of this, Da’i.

Whether muslims such as myself has the responsibility to advice one another is a question to be discussed. To what extent should an individual do so? And if it causes more harm than good, is it worth it? Seeing your fellow countrymen fight over a petty video? Da’i should know that his word carries weight and with an excess of 100,000 followers, he should think twice and be more responsible with his actions as it can cause ripple effects that can cause disharmony among Malaysians.

If anything bad happens to Faiz Roslan, or the people who protected him, the responsibility shall fall on the shoulders of Da’i Wan and Sharnaaz Ahmad. With the amount of influence these two have, the both of them should’ve promoted more positive vibes and feels during the start of a new Malaysian Ramadan, not posing threats and call on people to do the same. I’m eager to see what the PDRM has to say to this because if this continues, more people will get hurt, our freedom will be compromised and the idea of that new Malaysia that we all voted for? Might be jeopardised.