By Faris Foat

As we all know, The Venopian Solitude will be touring across Europe next month, playing at numerous festivals. Last Saturday, the band issued a press release regarding their Europe tour.

The band is set to play at seven festivals across six countries in Europe for 22 days in June. Below is the list of festivals and shows they will be playing at, along with the number of annually attendees.

Sónar Barcelona which gathered 120,000 attendees last year is the most notable festival. This year’s lineup including Thom Yorke, Diplo, Gorillaz and many other big names to share the same air with The Venopian Solitude.

The Venopian Solitude are looking for collaborators that are interested to expand their business and coverage with the band throughout the European tour. The band also looking for financial aid from the fans before the Europe tour happen. Check out the link below if you’re interested to contribute:

Lazada Malaysia

Tabung #TVStoEURO:

Moreover, this session acts as a platform to explain to the fans and the people about the objectives, the planning, collaborating, contributing and the execution of the tour, as well as some live performance throughout the presentation.

Lazada Indonesia

“This tour will be the establishing tour for our collaboration with our booking agent in Europe, Jerome Williams of Earthbeat NL. Under his wing, The Venopian Solitude will have a three to five years plan which involves tours and shows around Europe, and regions around the world. We hope to have a long term collaboration with the companies, businesses and institutions that are interested to work with us,” said Takahara Suiko, leader/lead vocalist of the band during a sharing session held on 12th May with the media and influencers. Ariana, the guitarist of the band also added that, “We hope that local brands and companies will be interested in flying high with us throughout the journey.”