As much as I like cats, I realize that a) cats don’t seem to like me much and b) I can’t take care of myself, let alone a cat. This is where cute cat games for my phone come in. If you’ve ever begged your parents for a pet, and they bought you a Tamagotchi or something instead – we have this for the modern age: mobile apps.

Some of the best virtual pet games out there are on your phone, so why don’t you head out and try to collect them all?


Neko Atsume

The classic cat fanatic’s game, Neko Atsume’s main purpose is to attract cats to your yard with toys and food and hope that they leave you enough gifts to buy more toys and food. Kinda sounds like me.

Available for Android and iOS


Cat Room

Cat Room’s only purpose is to create a room for you and your cats. Care for them by fulfilling their requests, and you’ll earn coins and stuff to level up your room. There’s also a Candy Crush-esque jewel game that helps you earn more coins to buy more stuff. Are you sensing a trend here?

Available for Android and iOS



For those with a kleptomaniac streak, you know cats like to play with things that aren’t theirs. The cats here will steal things for you to display in your room. If only I could train a real cat to steal makeup for me, eh? (Disclaimer: I do not endorse illegal behaviour)

Available for Android and iOS


Nom Cat

With one-touch controls, your main objective is to feed the cats without making them explode. You can collect more cats with goldfish, and you can even unlock famous cats like Nyan Cat, Grumpy Cat and Garfield!

Available for Android and iOS


The Battle Cats

You can evolve cats, discover weird and exotic special cats… and take over the world. Ideal for the megalomaniac in you. It’s all about taking down your enemy base and ensuring you’re supreme overlord. Try it out.

Available for Android and iOS.