The first question anyone asks me when I tell them about The Level is – why ‘The Level’?

It’s a valid question. We tossed around a lot of names before we decided on ‘The Level’; from dreadfully vanilla options like FMT Youth, to neo-band names like The Frontliners. Once the cringe-inducing ones were taken off the board, The Level was one of the names left that stood out as suitable for our new youth portal.

Why? Because of how we, the youth, use the phrase, ‘the level’. We use it when we’re having fun. We use it to talk about competition. We use it to talk about achievement. We use it to describe what it’s like to be young, with its exhilarating highs, its impossible lows, and its formidable challenges. And because The Level is designed to be all about you and your stories, your challenges, your achievements, and the things you find fun.

But really, The Level is more than a poppy name taken from what’s trending on Twitter these days.

Did you know that the youth population of Malaysia will be more than 14 million by 2020? We will be the majority demographic of the country in less than four years, and you can already see our effect. The mushrooming of boutique cafes, vape parlours, specific hobbyshops, and more importantly, the vibrant youth cultures that support them shows us how we’re changing the face of Malaysia on the ground.

And yet, there’s a sense that we’re not taken seriously. Month after month, headlines accuse us of being lazy and disloyal, employers bemoaning our work ethic, or lack of it, in a way that indicates that the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers have given up on the generation they raised.

Lazada Malaysia

But it didn’t matter; we kept on going our own way forward, highlighting the achievements and interests of millenials. Pestle & Mortar, a local clothing brand, has become the uniform du jour for KLites and is already making waves overseas. Hafizah Noor Isa, a researcher from Kelantan, was involved in the GEO600 experiment which was part of the greater LIGO Scientific Collaboration that recently detected Einstein’s gravitational waves for the first time in history. And Fishermen Integrated’s BNM Chinese New Year ad was widely regarded as one of the best festive ads in recent memory.

So we’re putting the focus back on you and what you’re doing. The Level is the youth for the youth, and we know that if the youth don’t support each other, no one else will. So if you have a story, we want to tell it. If you have a cause, we want to champion it.

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We’ve got a long road ahead trying to catch up with everything that you guys out there have done, but we’ll be there soon.

Welcome to The Level.

From the team– Scott, Shazwan, Matt, Mahesh and Ziddy.