Hey there! You’re probably wondering- what’s a Soapbox?

Well, it comes from that grand old tradition of public speakers in parks- normal people who had something to say, and went ahead and said it. Often, these speakers would stand on a soapbox while delivering their speeches, and in much the same manner, the Soapbox is a platform for your voice.

If you have something to say, we want to help you say it. Whether you’re a student, someone newly in the work force, an entrepreneur, a social worker, an activist, a musician, a food truck owner or maybe you run a pasar malam stall, we want you to tell your story.

What can it be about? Anything, really! There are so many things we as youth are passionate about, and if you want to talk about how you left your job as a doctor to pursue music, the Soapbox is yours. If you’re a struggling entrepreneur who wants others to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into, the Soapbox is yours. If you’re a student and you just want to talk about how , the Soapbox is yours.

There are a few house rules though-

  1. No swearing. Or at least, bleep it out!
  2. The Level reserves the right to choose whether or not to publish your submission.
  3. You are free to reproduce your article wherever you like.
  4. Submit your articles to scott@thelevel.my with the title ‘SOAPBOX- (title of your story)’ and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.
  5. In the event that you want to ‘reply’ to someone on Soapbox with an article of your own, please include the link to the article you’re replying in your submission.
  6. Should the other party wish to reply to the reply, a maximum of 3 subsequent ‘replies’ on each side will be entertained- and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll set up a debate for both of you.

It’s important that the youth start speaking up and start talking about things that are passionate to us. We care about what  you care about, and we suspect a lot more people out there who do too.

Lazada Malaysia

The Level belongs to all of us, and we hope to hear from you guys very soon.