By Norain F.

2017  has really been the year of indie, with Masdo paving their way to the top of the scene with songs like Teruna Dan Dara and Bunga. As 2018 unwinds, their music continues to gain recognition from the public, and their sold-out shows prove that local music still has its own flair. Heavily-influenced by the 60s pop-yeh-yeh sound, Masdo has successfully ignited the revival of the nostalgia and people everywhere are loving it. Don’t believe me? Go to one of their shows and you’ll find gig-goers dressed in floral shirts and bell bottoms everywhere.

One of the songs that has greatly contributed to their success is Bunga, a classic that inspires all the floral shirt-wearing gig-goers that everyone knows and loves. Through their official Twitter page, Masdo posted a tweet inquiring their followers who they’d want Bunga to be. Everyone casted their opinions but Bunga still remains vague. The question is, who’s going to play Bunga in the music video? Who has all the characteristics to become the perfect embodiment of Bunga? She’s everyone’s idea of the perfect girl, from how the singer sings about her. It’s a question that everyone wants to know the answer to. So, we have gathered a list of possible candidates and we want you to make your choice.

  1. Daiyan Trisha

24-year-old multi-talented pop songstress, Daiyan Trisha has it all. She has the looks, talents and a huge number of followings. People have been speculating the possibility of her portraying Bunga and we think she has got what it takes.

Lazada Malaysia
  1. Cristina Suzanne

Half-German, half-Malay actress, Cristina Suzanne, is everyone’s idea of their dream girl. The timeless beauty is 33 years old but we’ve never seen her age.

Lazada Indonesia
  1. Liyana Fizi

Former frontwoman of Estrella, the ever so lovely Liyana Fizi is a definite must in this list. She has the grace, the looks and she literally never ages. Can you guess how old she is?

  1. Siti Khadijah Halim

Aspiring online model, Siti Khadijah Halim has long been rumored to be portraying Bunga. She’s beautiful and she has a massive online influence – what more can you ask for?

  1. Nia Atasha (SleepyLllama)

     Nia Atasha, or more commonly known as Nia, is currently making waves in the fashion industry. Nia has already featured in a few music video, notably for Capt’n Trips And The Kid and Touche’s breakthrough track ‘Whatchu Wanna Do’ featuring Karissa Lund. Imagine her in a red kebaya, with a bunga in her hair. We definitely think that she ticks all the boxes.

So, who do you think should be THE Bunga?