By Angel Tong

With the volume at max and the bass shaking up all my mother’s glassware, it’s time we talk about The XX’s tour. The I See You Tour is the third concert tour by world renowned English indie band, The XX. This time, as the band makes their way around Asia with concerts dating from 23 January to 19 July 2018, they finally made a stop in Malaysia on the 25 of January 2018. Fans all over Malaysia raved at the chance of seeing their favourite indie band, that pre-sale tickets were completely sold out on the first day it was available. (Geez, even I couldn’t get one in time)


The indie-trio began as an indie-duo with Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim who were preschool friends and met in a music class when they were 3 years old. The third member, Jamie Smith, the producer, joined the inseparable friends when he moved to a new school. The trio talk about the many hardships that they have been through that have challenged their friendship, but they have always come out stronger.

Music has always been the medium of communication between the group and as they have mentioned in multiple interviews, sometimes they would express their thoughts in their music before they would speak to each other about it. Their strong bond through music as a tool for communication is what makes fans flock towards their unique music like flies to some good-ass ‘ikan bilis’. Fans relate to the songs as they find that the lyrics are very real to their emotions when words just can’t seem to do justice.


The concert was a success with people all over swaying and moving their body like seaweed to the rhythm of the music; singing at the top of their lungs and screaming their love and appreciation for the band. (I’ll be honest, I was a huge crybaby at this concert) The band played many of their songs from each of their albums, songs that fans knew every word to, and new songs which are in their latest album. The band ended their performance with one of their signature songs, ‘Angels’ which drove the crowd crazy with nostalgia, playing with the emotions of everyone present once more, before they left us. (clearly wanting more!)

“When you’re here with us, listening to us, being with us, we just want you to forget anything that causes you stress or any of your problems; forget them. Leave them at the door because we’re all here for one reason and we’re all here to enjoy this night together.”

– Romy Madley Croft

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